Monki launches inclusive, new lingerie campaign

Monki’s inclusive new underwear collection is “all about you – as you are”. It has a variety of five neutral shades, soft textures and delicate sheer detailing that’s all about keeping your individuality in focus.

Standing ovation to the latest brand to realise ‘nude’ lingerie shouldn’t be just a single shade of beige.

The campaign is a creative collaboration with London-based photographer Chloe Sheppard and a group of four relatable models; Leonie, Bell, Vanessa and Zuleika. The campaign explores sisterhood and the narrative of self-love.

Meet the models below…


When do you feel the most like yourself?

I feel the most like myself when I’m not comparing myself to others and just leading my own life, in my own way. When I catch myself comparing myself to others, I find taking a step back from things, talking with loved ones and reflecting on my accomplishments and how far I’ve come in my journey of acceptance really helps.


What does self-love mean to you?

It means supporting myself through growing up and allowing myself to form strong opinions. Self-love means knowing that I am more than enough, that I am beautiful and strong by my own standards. That I am proud of me every day. It means not listening to what limits and labels have been forced upon me. It means defining myself and being happy with the outcome, whatever it may be.


What is a piece of advice about self-love you’d give to your younger self?

I wouldn’t give myself any advice. I feel like if we try and leave it long enough, self-love will find us – as it did me. I’m still in the process but I believe I begin to love myself more and more as I learn more about myself.

How do you deal with the haters?

Whenever you are doing things right, you will always have haters around you. Life is about how you perceive and respond to what happens to you. I usually ignore the haters and use them to learn how to ignore negative influences, as long as I stay true to myself I can push for greatness.

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