Mom shares heartwarming moment between her daughter

A cashier at a Harrisburg, Pa. grocery store brightened up a little girl’s day, and now her mother has taken to Facebook to thank him for his kindness.

Lisa Teach’s 9-year-old daughter, Lilly, loves to watch groceries being bagged at Giant Food Stores.

“She likes watching how everything fits into the grocery bags, kind of like the game Tetris. I believe it’s sort of therapeutic for her in a way,” Teach shared on Facebook, adding that, on top of becoming a doctor or a teacher, Lilly has always dreamed of working at a grocery store.

As Lilly approached Isaac Witte’s checkout line, she started to help the cashier get the first bag ready.

“Isaac, in a moment I’ll never forget, asked Lilly if she would like to help him and bag the groceries,” Teach wrote. “Lilly was thrilled and so happy to have this opportunity. I don’t know how Isaac knew how meaningful this would be to her, but somehow, he did.”

One little girl’s mother is thanking a cashier at a grocery store for showing kindness and patience. (Photo: Facebook)

“He took his time with her and let her bag each item,” Teach said. “She independently bagged all our groceries and told Isaac, ‘I love you.’ She doesn’t say this to everyone, but in the moment, I believe this was her way of saying ‘thank you for seeing me and for letting me help, I love you’ … Thank you Isaac for taking an ordinary task and turning into a special memory that we will always remember.”

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