Mom sends her overseas son a picture of his dog. Every. Single. Day

One of hardest parts of life is when you have to be separated from a loved one, whether it’s family, friends or even your pet. But we find ways to cope, and one mom on Imgur figured out the most beautiful way to stay connected with her son that moved overseas, and to let him know she was thinking about him.

A year prior to this story starting, her son really wanted a dog. According to the post, her husband made the him walk about the block twice a day with a leash, for an entire year in order to earn the privilege of owning a dog. He never missed a day. So, he got the dog. Then he found out that he got into a program overseas that would take him away for 9 months, and it broke his heart.

So his mom decided to send him a photo of his dog every day to cheer him up. Now, we all know moms, and we know that this was more than just about cheering him up. This was her way of managing the loss (albeit temporarily) of her son, and demonstrating the amazing love that only a parent could have.

She’s earned a spot in the mom hall of fame for this one.

She followed up the original post with a second gallery, showing their reunion. Sufficed to say the dog remembered him fondly.

Reunions like this make me tear up.

I don’t think there’s anything more beautiful, though I can’t imagine how happy his mom must have felt to see him come home too.

I’m gonna go call my mom now; tell her I love her.

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