Modern technologies save unwanted hair, tattoos and pigment spots

The procedure for removing unwanted hair on the face and body is one of the most pressing problems of modern women. In this regard, the market is replete with various means and devices for hair removal.

Among the hardware, a special place is occupied by laser hair removal, which is based on the effect of absorbing the energy of electromagnetic waves by the structures of the hair. The essence of the technique consists in the mechanical destruction of the structure of the hair.

The device of the last generation Multiline, which is used in the Center for Family Medicine “Zdravitsa” on the street. Shevchenko, 31a, trained cosmetologists remove hair of almost any color.

This became possible with the use of the selective method (which is incorporated only in this apparatus and patented), which allows to optimize the effect on the hair, and the degree of skin pigmentation does not matter. You just need to keep in mind that the blond hair, as well as the dark red and gray, are the worst affected. 

So, here are 4 reasons why you need to register for hair removal right now:

1. The skin with this method of hair removal is practically not heated, therefore it does not require cooling. Because of the lack of heating, the formation of scarring and the appearance of pigment spots are excluded. You feel only a slight tingling in the place where there is hair (even if it is not visible).
2. The procedure is harmless, therefore hair removal is possible on any parts of the face and body.
3. The method is so safe that it can be carried out even at the height of the beach season. You can go either directly before or after the epilation procedure to sunbathe in the sun or in the solarium.
4. Because the effect is directed only at the hair, and not at the skin – its color also does not matter. Even if you have a dark, tanned skin, this is not a contraindication to the procedure.

How many sessions will be required?

It all depends on the characteristics of the growth and color of the hair. Usually the first course is 3 procedures. The intervals between the procedures of epilation are 2-3 weeks. After 1.5-2 months, the course is repeated. Supportive procedures – once a year, six months.

The method of laser treatment is also used to get rid of pigment spots . The method is gentle, the laser acts selectively, the cells are destroyed only with an excessive content of melanin. The integrity of the skin is not disturbed, so patients can continue their usual daily routine. Since pigmentation spots can appear under the influence of sunlight, then after the procedure is required protection from the sun.

Treatment of acne using a laser is considered one of the most effective, since after the action of the laser inflammation is removed, the infiltrate dissolves without leaving a scar. Salivation decreases, skin color improves. Thus, the technique allows not only to get rid of acne, but also to give the skin youth and freshness. According to doctors’ estimates, patients note an average improvement of 80% after 2-4 treatment sessions. The result of therapy is maintained for at least 6 months. And many patients generally have 1-2 sessions in order to defeat acne. It is important that this is an external treatment that, unlike antibiotics and roaccutane, does not cause any harm to health.

If a boring chain or ring can be removed, then getting rid of the tattoo is much more difficult. All methods of tattoo removal based on the removal of skin areas with a tattoo. After such removal, the cosmetic effect is accompanied by the appearance of scars.

And this is even worse than the tattoo itself! With the use of laser technologies, the molecular bonds of the dye particles to the entire depth of the tattoo are destroyed without affecting the integrity of the skin. The failed permanent make-up is removed already during the first session, and a deep amateur tattoo – for five or six sessions. There are no traces left on the place of the tattoo. An adverse effect on the pigmentation of your skin and the risk of scarring is excluded.

Using laser technology, you can also get rid of vascular asterisks and hemangiomas . The essence of the method lies in the fact that the vessel is immediately affected by two different types of laser radiation, which first allows coagulation of blood inside the vessel, and then affects the pigment of the coagulated blood, which breaks down and the vessel “seals”. During the procedure, the adverse effects on tissues surrounding the vessels are completely excluded, the integrity of the skin is not disturbed. Therefore, laser therapy sessions do not lead to a violation of skin pigmentation, scars are not formed. As a rule, in order to obtain an excellent result, several sessions should be performed at intervals of 2-3 weeks.

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