May 18, 2024

Millions of women are hailing these workout leggings the most flattering ever

Anyone who knows about gym leggings, knows that those days of rolling up for a workout or pilates class in an old pair of trackie bottoms and moth-bitten T-shirt are well and truly over.

Now, workout clothes are as much about being fashionable as they are functional, with fitness-lovers happily paying serious money for a kit that enhances performance, keeps them supported and is mega sweat-absorbant as well as ensuring the wearer looks as, well, smokin’ hot as possible. Trust us, shopping for a gym kit is harder than you think.

And this is where Lorna Janes’s ‘Amy’ full-length leggings come in. The £70 pants have proved to be a massive hit around with world, selling out just minutes after they drop online. According to reports, the brand have sold over a million pairs- it seems no one can get enough of these super-flattering high rise pants that claim to be ‘moisture wicking and comfortable’, ‘shrink and fade resistant’ with an ‘internal drawcord’ that can be adjusted to fit every body type.

Reviewers on the website claim that the appeal comes from the fact that they fit like a second skin without feeling too tight and look pretty darn good too:

‘They’re so soft. So comfy. They don’t go sheer on my substantial booty and they’re snug around the waist. I have issues with leggings not wanting to stay up as I have a small waist and big bum but these fit perfect and didn’t slip at all when I wore them for 9 hours! New faves’

‘Most comfortable and flattering tights I’ve ever owned. ’

‘Completely sculpting’

‘OMG! ! If you do not own a pair of these tights, you are missing out! I have a booty and not the flattest stomach, I wear a small and these tights do not move an inch! I do crossfit 4-5 days a week, running, lifting, gymnastics and I never have to adjust or pull these up! I’ve been waiting a long time for tights like these and finally…I’m in LOVE! ’

If you’re thinking of upgrading your gym wear, you’ll need to get your skates on. These leggings are waiting for no one.

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