Millions Of Bottles Of Prosecco Are Going To Waste And It’s Time To Stop The Madness

Today in depressing news: Over one million bottles of Prosecco are projected to go to waste this holiday season because people can’t get their sh*t together and learn how to pour properly. This is, put simply, a travesty.

According to Delish, the UK was responsible for consuming one-third of all the Proseccos last year, but they also wasted most of it. The experts over at Asda surveyed 2,000 Prosecco drinkers and found out that some 40 percent admit to their bubbles spilling over the edge of the glass.

All in all, they expect 1.5 million bottles (equal to 9.5 million glasses) will be wasted during the 2017/2018 holiday season. Come, on people! This is not a game! Well, unless it’s a holiday-themed Prosecco drinking game. But even so, get it together and do better!

Alexandra Hale, Good Housekeeping’s wine and spirits specialist told Delish the first golden rule is to avoid shaking the bottle before opening it. While this does make a lot of sense, people love that “pop” picture. But think of it this way: would you rather have a cool picture or an extra glass of Prosecco? If you answered the former, you deserve to lose a glass (or three).

When you are ready to open, remove the foil and use the cage to grip the cork and carefully apply pressure as you twist the bottle off of its pressurizer. Hale notes the importance of a ‘pfffft’ noise, which happens when you slowly separate cork from bottle, allowing the air to escape in a controlled manner.

When it comes to pouring, it’s pretty much the same process as pouring a beer into a glass. Angle your glass at around 45 degrees and slowly pour the goods down the inside wall. You won’t get as much of a head (that foam layer) as if you were to pour the bubbles straight into the bottom of the glass.

If you’re still not sure about this whole thing, we suggest practicing with soda before you go wasting an expensive (or respectably cheap if you’re anything like us) bottle this New Year’s Eve.

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