Millennials blamed for killing fabric softener and have an amazing response, Photos

The Wall Street Journal reported that Procter Gamble Co. have been seeing a decline in fabric softener sales for the better part of a decade. P&G is the consumer goods corporation that owns everything from Tide to Crest.

When P&G needed to place the blame, who better than millennials?

“Most millennials don’t know what the product is for,” Shailesh Jejurikar, P&G’s head of global fabric care said. Implying that the younger generation doesn’t understand the product because they never did their own laundry. As a way to appeal to younger customers, the corporation even rebranded fabric softener as fabric conditioner.

Being a millennial who does my own laundry, I never understood the point of fabric softener. How much softer does it actually make your clothes? On Tumblr, other millennials agreed and made some interesting points when it came to the laundry industry.

Some people loved the idea of saving money and making their own laundry soap while others rather have that time and continue to buy their soaps.

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