Milk Makeup’s new Bionic Blush promises to unite skincare and makeup

After skipping out on a full face of makeup over lockdown, I’m much more drawn to the barefaced but better approach to makeup that’s massively trending at the moment.

Milk Makeup’s Bionic Liquid Blush is perfect for this as it blends seamlessly with skin to give a hint of colour that looks fresh, natural and pretty. The gel-like consistency glides on beautifully, while the hydrating hyaluronic acid infused in the formula sheers the colour out and gives a gorgeous dewy finish. I even patted it into my lips.

That said, the blusher can be layered up if you fancy a more intense flush. There’s four shades to choose from, but I’m loving Teleport (coral) to bring some brighter, sunny vibes, although I’m eyeing up Beyond (plumberry) for a vampier look going into winter.

Luca Wetherby-Matthews, GLAMOUR’s Social Media Assistant

Shade: Fly (Ruby Red)

5 people give their honest reviews on Milk Makeup Bionic Blush

Blusher is one of my desert island beauty essentials. In my opinion, it’s got more transformative power than all other products (minus concealer, duh), adding life and a glow within to dull, tired skin, or a plain base. And that’s exactly what the Milk Bionic Buildable Liquid Blush does. I chose the shade Fly which is a bright ruby red, a great complementary colour for both glowy, shimmery bronzed skin and cooler, fresh makeup.

When it comes to the consistency, I found I really had to shake the product well before using it to make sure it was well mixed and not too watery. Once mixed, applying was a dream. Despite its intimidatingly bright red colour, the formula was really buildable, starting as a sheer wash of colour and building up to a bold wash of colour when more was applied. I also liked that the product added a glow to my cheeks through its glossy finish.

Kim Zhang, Conde Nast’s Account Strategist

Shade: Infinity (Dusty Rose)

5 people give their honest reviews on Milk Makeup Bionic Blush

My favourite makeup tip may sound glaringly obvious: choose a blush tone similar to the natural colour you are when you flush. For years I’d been religiously laying on coral and barbie pink blushes (often powder, often layered with gold shimmer), but I’ve realised the error of my ways.

This blush is a lovely pink mulberry, and whilst I’m far more unflatteringly blotchy when I actually get embarrassed, I found the deeper colour (Infinity) to be perfect. The perfect shortcut to looking like I’d just taken a brisk countryside walk on a crisp day, or I’d caught a bit of sun whilst picking wild blueberries in a Swedish forest, or, at the very least, like I’d slept a minimum of 9 hours yesterday.

The texture of the blush is very light and buildable, and for such a tiny tube, a little goes a long way. I love dabbing the leftover blush on the bridge of my nose for a sunkissed look, and sometimes on the eyelids as a lazy subtle eyeshadow. Milk’s Bionic Liquid Blush is a dewy testament to the fact that good things do come in small packages!

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