July 24, 2024

Miley Cyrus Looks Amazing As Maid Of Honour As Her Mum Tish Marries Prison Break Star

While both Miley’s parents seem to have moved on to new romantic pairings pretty quickly, there has been a large share of family drama for us to sift through. Two of her siblings, Noah and Braison, were not present at the ceremony, with various outlets reporting that the siblings instead spent the dat at Walmart in LA, with Noah wearing a Billy Ray Cyrus t-shirt (which feels kind of pointed on your mum’s wedding day).

This has led to speculation that Noah and Braison might not support their mum’s new relationship and marriage. These rumours have been exacerbated by reports that Noah was making fun of Tish online.

And the interesting revelations don’t stop there. Billy Ray Cyrus has been in a relationship with his now fiancée and singer Firerose since shortly after his divorced was finalised, with Firerose showing off an engagement ring in September 2022. While reports say that the couple got close after working on music together, we also know that they initially met on Hannah Montana – the Disney TV show that Miley starred in between 2006 and 2011.

TikTokkers have commented on this fact, with one calling it “weird to say the least” that Billy Ray first met Firerose as a fully grown man while she was just a teenager while on the show. @michelletok also added that rumours of Billy Ray’s alleged infidelity while still married to Tish may have contributed to a rift between siblings and may explain the divided presence at her wedding.

And just to add fuel to the family drama fire, it seems that Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus have unfollowed each other on Instagram due to a feud that began in the aftermath of his split with Tish.

That said, both Billy Ray and Miley have since changed her privacy settings so that only they can see all followers, so it could be that they’re social media friends again. Lets hope that following both her mum and dad’s new relationships, Miley’s family dynamics become less complicated soon.

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