May 19, 2024

Mewing was one of the biggest beauty trends of 2022, so err, what exactly is it?

We were prepared for wolf cuts and graphic liner to come out on top of the 2022 beauty trends, but honestly, mewing was a bit of a shocker. Only because, um, well wtf is it?

It seems like plenty of others are well-versed in the trend though, because it’s covertly picked up over 2 billion views on TikTok. All over the platform, users are using the position of their tongue to alter the profile of their jaw line. No, seriously.

We’re all for doing what makes you feel good, but should we really have to dabble in a game of tongue tennis when there’s not a decent snog at the end of it? All in the name of slightly more snatched selfie? More to the point, does it even work? We asked the experts to weigh in.

What is mewing?

“Mewing involves a person lifting their tongue to the roof of the mouth, closing the lips and holding the position. TikTokers are convinced that this will give you the Bella Hadid appearance of the jawline,” says Dr. Tara Francis, cosmetic dentist and advanced facial aesthetician. “The technique is meant to give you a better-defined jawline and remove your double chin. Apparently, all the celebs do it on the red carpet” concurs Dr. Usman Qureshi, aesthetic doctor and founder of the Luxe Clinic.

Does mewing actually work?

“If you do the pose for two seconds for a quick snap, yes mewing could perhaps make you appear more ‘snatched’,” says Dr Usman. “However, it wouldn’t be something I would recommend for permanent results. It’s unrealistic that someone could hold this ‘pose’ all day, every day and if they do it could cause adverse effects. ”

In medical terms and in the long term, though, ‘‘there is no scientific evidence to prove mewing works,» says Dr Edris Farahbod MD. Aesthetic specialist at Beverly Hills Clinic, adding “I would advise against it. ”

Can mewing do damage?

“Mewing has its cons – firstly, the technique can only change your appearance for a temporary amount of time,» says Dr. Tara. “Mewing requires you to keep your teeth touching at times that are unnatural, which can potentially wear them down and maybe even cause cracks in the enamel,” she adds. «Unless you’re a clencher or grinder, upper and lower teeth only touch when swallowing and don’t even always touch when chewing as food will be between them. If overdone, unnatural position of the tongue and jaw posture could also cause aches in the mouth, jaw line and neck. Misalignment of the teeth is also a risk,” Dr Tara says.

Are there any alternatives to mewing?

We think your face looks wonderful already. But in case you’re interested, “for alternatives, I would recommend doing facial massage techniques to help get a sharper jawline,» says Dr Tara. “You can also use beauty tools like the gua sha or rollers. Or look to clinic treatments for a fast result. Morpheus8 is a great treatment for sculpting and toning the jawline,” she says. ”It sculpts the neck and jawline through the use of micro-needling and radiofrequency technology,» explains Dr Usman.

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