May 25, 2024

Merry Christmas Everybody! Time to smile! !

Well, here we go again, Friends. 8 years…for 8 years I’ve been the privileged idiot to wish you guys a Merry Christmas. I self deprecate as I often do, but in all seriousness, it’s a small miracle and an honor that I get to do this.

I doubt most of you know that I actually have an ‘X-Mas’ folder on my desktop that I slowly populate over the entire year with festive photos and each year I think to myself, “God, I really hope I get to fill this folder up again and launch it Christmas morning. ” True story.

I hope this Christmas morning amidst all the chaos with family/friends and in your personal work lives that you can pause and sense some gratitude for all you have in your lives too. Maybe it’s your health, maybe a small place you own, maybe it’s a pet, maybe it’s just a semblance of peace in your own skin–even if that feeling is often fleeting. Whatever you can reflect on and be thankful for today is important, because you guys deserve to be happy, whether you believe it or not – you do. Thank you guys for always coming back to enjoy our content and for being a part of this community of misfits that fills me with a sense of purpose every damn day.

We have wonderful things in store for you guys in 2019 that I’m so eagerly awaiting to share with y’all, but for now, I’ll just say Thank You All for making 2018 such a wonderful year!

Today, as is tradition, I raise you a whiskey-laced glass of eggnog and, from the bottom of my heart, wish you all a very Merry Christmas! !

OK, one more fun fact (whether you want it or not), this photo is kind of my official Christmas anchor every year. I love this image so much for reasons I can hardly explain.

So while the rest of the X-Mas gallery changes every year, this gem makes a cameo every single year.

Here’s to hoping we see it once again in 2019 ; )

Thanks to those serving at home and abroad today! You guys are the real Santas of the world.

God bless and stay safe out there!

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