May 24, 2024

Mercury Retrograde 2023 Dates & What You Can Expect

According to Tarot. com, it will see all areas of life ruled by the sign impacted. These are: work, health and routine. This means you could see delays or missed deadlines, as well having difficulty with communication in personal and professional partnerships. Given that Mercury and Virgo are both linked to information, misunderstandings can also crop up during this time and you may feel a little aimless in general.

“This Mercury retrograde is distinct due to its occurrence in Virgo, a sign that naturally emphasises details, critique, health, and perfection,” explains life coach and astrologer, Betty Andrews. “The energy is further intensified with multiple planets also in retrograde, magnifying reflection across various life areas and complicating dynamics. ”

According to Andrews, not only is Mercury due to go into retrograde, other planets will be in retrograde, too.

“Mercury will be joined by Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Venus (for a part of it), Saturn, and Pluto,” she tells us. “That’s a hefty lineup of retrogrades happening concurrently. The confluence of these retrogrades creates a cosmic cocktail of energies. ”

During this Mercury retrograde, you may find yourself feeling pulled in many directions — “asked to reflect, reassess, innovate, and transform all at once,” she says. “The atmosphere could be charged with introspection, with many of us feeling the urge to dive deep into our psyche, relationships, and life paths. The combined energies encourage both internal reflection and external re-adjustment. »

How to make Mercury retrograde in Virgo work for you

According to Andrews, this Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to recalibrate and ensure you’re on the right path.

“While this may seem overwhelming, remember that retrogrades are not about hindrances but about helping us grow,” she says.

“It’s the universe’s way of saying, ‘Take a moment, breathe, and ensure you’re aligning with your true north. ‘ Embracing this period with an open heart, patience, and a dash of adaptability can lead to profound insights and lasting positive shifts. ”

Virgo season vibes

The energy and themes associated with each Mercury retrograde can differ, depending on which astrological sign it is transiting through. This one’s a lil different because it’s happening in the season of Virgo which means it’s grounded, practical, and detail-oriented. It’s ruled by Mercury itself, so when Mercury goes retrograde in its home sign, the themes are particularly pronounced.

Some of the things that will come up

Attention to detail: Mercury retrograde in Virgo amplifies the focus on details, prompting a reevaluation of overlooked aspects in projects and communication.

Critical thinking: Virgo’s analytical nature intensifies critique, benefiting refinement but risking overthinking.

Service and health: Emphasis on health and service grows, signalling a time to reassess health and work habits.

Desire for perfection: The urge to perfect projects peaks, but beware of chasing unattainable perfection.

What else can you do when Mercury is in retrograde?

Mercury retrograde affects everyone differently, and there are ways to make navigating this uncertain time a little easier. Here’s what you can do to set yourself up for Mercury retrograde this year:

Above all, don’t panic — embrace the shift

It’s important to remember that potential impacts of Mercury retrograde are ultimately theoretical. So even if it does feel like things might be out of their usual rhythm, don’t neglect to acknowledge that this could be due to you being more conscious of potential changes and so paying more mind to these.

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