Men refuse to take tests for sexual infections for fear of paternity

Dangers lie in wait for us everywhere, even in our own beds. If you look at the rate of spread of sexual infections in the modern world, you can understand why.

After all, if you believe the statistics, sexually transmitted infections and infectious young adults, and serious adult women.

Is it possible to know in advance whether the partner is sick, whether it is necessary to demand a certificate and how to protect oneself if sex was unprotected, the correspondent of SHE explained.

Dangerous infection

Statistics on sexually transmitted diseases scare: infections are gaining momentum, they are learning to “sit quietly” and not show themselves. In such conditions, the phrase “casual connections” loses its original meaning: you can have a permanent partner, and after a couple of years at a doctor’s reception to find out your diagnosis and hear a disappointing forecast for the future. Those ladies who believe that “bed” infection is spread exclusively by men of questionable morality, should be disappointed.

As venereologists admit, the main contingent of their male patients are young people, approximately 25 years old, educated and leading a healthy lifestyle.

And those who change partners, like gloves, not so much as one would like to believe. So, you can get infected from a man who is attractive in all respects. He, by the way, most likely will not even suspect about his illness. In most cases, in the stronger sex, all the sores below the waist flow without symptoms, while in women, on the contrary, they blossom quite quickly. Yes, and to catch a woman is easy: anatomical structure of female organs predisposes to infection much more than men, with their long and winding urethra.

Oral sex with its imaginary aura of safety in the population and completely introduces doctors into depression. About this in general, very few people think, admits dermatovenereologist clinic “Pasman” Natalia Melnichenko. So, from an unscrupulous partner through the oral route you will definitely get syphilis (its manifestations always occur in the mouth), herpes (it is because of the fashion for oral sex that the virus of the first type, which used to live only on the face, is now found on the genitals).

And trichomonads, gonococci and chlamydia sit comfortably in the mouth, cause pharyngitis and will also successfully pass to the next host if the initiator of oral preludes the next time you become.

So be on the alert and use a condom even in this case. Until they came up with a single tool with similar efficiency. By the way, as Natalia Melnichenko reminded, ultra-thin latex models are the only condoms that are believed to be passed by the AIDS virus.

Trust, but check

Mindful of this and following in many ways the Western fashion, today many girls prefer to take the situation with the issue of protection from infection under control and together with the guy go to the venereologist. Urologists, gynecologists and venereologists, interviewed by the author, confessed: unlike the generation of their moms, modern young virgins with a guy come to the doctor are not shy.

But usually it does not happen at the stage “you want sex – carry a certificate”, but at the stage “you want to take off the condom – went for help”. As explained by Igor Lyakh, a sexologist at the “Insight” clinic, the option, when a girl offers to be examined before the first sex, almost always signals a lack of confidence in the partner or about the negative past experience of the girl herself.

Demonstrating such mistrust, a girl can achieve quite the opposite effect. No wonder many doctors admit: along with progressive patients who courageously lead a partner to a reception, many are also those who are simply afraid to even begin such a conversation. “It is not enough for the peasants, what certificates from them still to demand?” – some women think and so, mark gynecologists.

Thus, from an earlier stage of the relationship, the conversation about infections is postponed to a later date. As a rule – when a couple “ripens” before refusing a condom.

In this case, the initiator of the refusal is usually a man, and the inspiration of the survey is almost always the woman. And here lies a great clue: experts assure that an active refusal from the phase of the survey can say a lot about the man.

The first thing he can fear is the fear that a woman decided to conceive an infant. As explained by Igor Lyakh, it can be on an unconscious level: a man is afraid of paternity, is not ready for him, and here he is trying in every possible way to delay the moment of “dangerous coitus”. In this case, the sexologist advises honestly to tell about his plans for the future, to dispel the fears of men, and stress not on the factor of their safety, but on more comfortable and enjoyable for both sexes. On men, it acts better than intimidation.

If there is no fear of children, attachment to you is, and the man continues to delay the visit to the doctor under all conceivable pretexts, most likely, he has something to hide, and this something is quite likely to be an infection, says urologist of the medical center “Juno” Oleg Abaimov .

I’m afraid and defending myself

Everything happens once for the first time, including sex with an unfamiliar partner, which may even be the only one. And not at all this unique partner is looked for from the first. Therefore, all women who are still in search, it is extremely desirable to know how to act, if after sex there are still doubts about the cleanliness of the partner.

The modern standard of action in such situations is the treatment of the genital organs with chlorhexidine – in the form of a solution (also Miramistin) or candles (the drug “Geksikon”). Even better, if the treatment is performed by a doctor. In the dermatovenerologic dispensary there is even a special office for such purposes.

There are uniquely harmful methods. For example, syringing soda (it alkalizes the acidic protective environment of the vagina, which, by the way, protects us from invasion of infections) or pink solution of potassium permanganate (has the effect of antiseptic, but with the wrong dosage it can burn the mucous membrane).

On the increased surge of “dangerous” sexual activity, the pharma market has already reacted with drugs for the sinned. The drug “Safocid”, which appeared on the market a couple of years ago, contains 4 tablets with a shock dose of broad-spectrum antibiotics and an antifungal drug (they need to be drunk all at once). True, women’s doctors do not particularly like such facilities. Firstly, they hit hard on the liver, and secondly, it is impossible to understand what kind of microbe or virus and how many you got and killed his pill.

Therefore, it is better to remember the schedule of a visit to a doctor for taking smears: a week later (you can already find a gonorrhea), a month later (chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis) and after 3 months (AIDS). Common sense is a universal and non-aging remedy for STD prevention.

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