Meghan Markle’s Wedding Makeup Was So Beautiful Someone Turned It Into Actual Art

None of us are quite over the magical royal wedding yet, including beauty enthusiasts. While the nail junkies of the world turned Meghan and Harry into impressive but somewhat creepy nail art, another decided to draw a portrait of Meghan on her arm using makeup, and it’s basically a work of art.

Liza Kondrevich is a makeup artist and face chart illustrator (hello, job of our dreams).

She turned her arm into Meghan Markle at the royal wedding, and it’s so realistic we guarantee you’ll do a double take. She captioned the beautiful illustration, “I like to paint portrait very detailed and leave the rest unfinished!”.

She used Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette ($48) to paint the portrait, followed by Collistar Beauty primer for the base and skin structure, then added the finer details using Kryolan Aquacolor.

So now you know the exact products to use just in case you find yourself with a spare few hours to paint a duchess on your forearm.

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