May 18, 2024

Meet Toni Harris, the “Future First Female NFL Player”

Receive multiple college football scholarship offers? Check. Be named homecoming queen? Check. Star in Toyota’s 2019 Super Bowl commercial? Check, check. But there’s one goal that Toni Harris has been dreaming about since she’s 4 years old, and she’s not giving up on it – “I want to be the first female NFL player. ”

On Tuesday, Toyota revealed its ad that will air during Sunday night’s football game, and it showcases Toni’s journey playing the sport that no one thought she was meant to play, but football is her passion and she loves “to prove people wrong,” as she explained in an interview with CBS News.

She’s so set on her goals that even her Instagram bio says that she’s the “Future First Female NFL Player. ”

The Toyota RAV4 commercial will show just how much she’s proved people wrong throughout the years. “They’ve said a lot of things about Toni Harris,” the voiceover reads.

Meet Toni Harris, the "Future First Female NFL Player", and Star of Toyota's Super Bowl Ad

“They said she was too small. They said she was too slow, too weak. They said she’d never get to the next level, never inspire a new generation. Never get a football scholarship. Yeah, people have made a lot of assumptions about Toni,” to which she replies, “But I’ve never been a big fan of assumptions. ”

Currently, Tobi plays defensive back for the East Los Angeles College Huskies, and is deciding which of the four-year college scholarship offers she is ready to accept. She told CBS News about the obstacles she’s faced and the teams she’s been kicked off of, but she wants her story to inspire younger girls to “keep your dream alive,” and that “nothing’s impossible. ” She added, “I’m just paving the way for the next little girl that’s gonna come along and be a role model as well. ”

Cheers to that! Watch Tobi’s Toyota commercial ahead, and see more photos of her playing the game she loves; just don’t forget her name, because we have a feeling you’re going to be hearing a lot of it in the future.

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