Meet the woman who tests out cosmetic procedures so you don’t have to

Whether it be something minor like a laser facial and Botox, or a more serious cosmetic surgery such as a neck lift or breast augmentation, it’s perfectly normal to feel concerned about the risks, results and whether your decision was the right one.

Going for a cosmetic treatment can be an anxiety-inducing experience.

But what if there was someone, with over a decade of experience, who could guide you through absolutely everything? With face-to-face advice, tried-and-tested recommendations and some of the best contacts to fast track your treatments?

Meet Olivia Falcon, Founder of The Editor’s List.

The idea was born in a hospital bed

With cosmetic surgery and procedures on the rise, the idea to create a concierge-style service to guide people through their experience was a genius one. And it all came about from a hospital bed…

“I was at the bedside of my friend Fiona Golfar (former Editor at Large of Vogue) after I had organised her neck lift – she said to me, ‘Liv, you really need to offer the same kind of handholding service you have given me to others as this whole process has been so seamless and easy and you have taken away all the anxiety of having a cosmetic procedure'”, says Olivia.

“I went away and thought about it and the next day started planning my website.”

Nobody knows more about the cosmetic surgery world

Olivia was the Beauty Director at Tatler for 11 years, where she edited the magazine’s ‘Cosmetic Surgery Guide’ every year.

“My job is based on the expertise and close personal contacts I’ve built up over the years with the world’s top doctors and dermatologists.”

Olivia also personally tries out many of the non-invasive procedures herself so she can be very upfront with clients about what the different technologies can realistically deliver.

“For example CoolSculpting, a body contouring treatment that works by freezing and destroying fat cells, only delivers about a 30 per cent improvement and works best on slimmer people (size 12 and down) who have hard to shift bulges that have not responded to gym work, rather than those over a size 12.”

Despite working in the magazine world and beauty industry since she was 18, Olivia’s curiosity of cosmetic procedures is still at an all time high.

“I make a point of staying abreast of all the latest machines, products and procedures out there and I don’t trust press releases”, she says. “It’s my job to see what works and what doesn’t, and to question the claims brands make.”

I tried a non-surgical nose job and this is what happened

Word of mouth worked like magic

Once the idea for The Editor’s List was established, Olivia said it took four months to get her website up and running while she juggled freelance journalism work. She then landed her first client.

“My first client was a 50-year-old 80s supermodel who wanted a top-to-toe beauty overhaul, which I provided”, says Olivia. “She told a lot of her friends about my service and things started to snowball.”

Social media also played a big role, especially when Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo asked for Olivia’s help to get rid of her dark undereye circles.

“She talked a lot about how pleased she was with the results on her YouTube channel and this has had a global impact – I have had enquires from Paris to Sydney, Australia!”

What a day in Olivia’s life looks like

Olivia’s job is a one-of-a-kind service. Her clients range from 25-year-old brides looking for a pre-wedding plan to 30+ women wanting information on the best people to see for boob jobs, Botox, body sculpting and more. Safe to say, no day is ever the same.

“I might start my day in Claridge’s ballroom for the launch of the latest eye cream or be lying face up on a couch in a clinic waiting to guinea pig the latest laser facial. I’m also constantly checking and answering emails through the day, booking appointments for my clients.”

“I usually see at least one client for a face to face meeting in central London or Skype them from my desk in the afternoon. In the evening I might go to the launch of a new clinic (there are so many opening up recently) and I often I work late just to keep on top of things.”

But with her hard work comes some pretty amazing rewards…

“Seeing the girl who had crooked teeth give me a beautiful smile after her braces come off or the girl who couldn’t go out because she was so embarrassed by her acne meet me for coffee with no makeup on and clear skin…”

“Helping people solve beauty concerns that have robbed them of confidence is what makes me tick and for my clients, the effects of cosmetic procedures are life-enhancing. My ultimate goal is to make my clients feel confident and happy in their own skin.”

Visit The Editor’s List to learn more.

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