June 14, 2024

Meet the sisters behind the hottest new handbag brand taking Instagram by storm

If your Instagram feed looks anything like ours, you’ve likely spotted an influx of impossibly cute, delightfully boxy bags. And if your investigative impulses are anything like ours, you’ve likely spied that they’re by a relatively new label: Manu Atelier.

Having launched in February 2014 by two sisters in Istanbul, Beste and Merve Manastır cite their craftsman father as their inspiration.

“Our father has been a handicraftsman since 1961 and our childhood consisted of combining the leftover leathers and by making miniature handbags with them. ”

“Handbags are the most tangible face of our childhood and infatuation with our father and his artisanship. ”

Now one of the oldest craftsman in their home of Instanbul, the influence of their father is as salient and strong as ever. But despite their humble, familial beginnings, the sisters are already storming the global market with several influencers not only wearing their pieces, but also joining the pair on a trip to their father’s factory.

“We are so proud when we see one of our designs on people who influence us”, they admitted. “It’s amazing to see those specific people wearing and styling our brand to fit their personal style, we are constantly inspired by #manuspeople people every day! ”

Do they feel like they’ve already ‘made it’?

“Of course we have some moments that we feel very happy when an influencer/celebrity wears one of our designs, but we believe that you should never say that you’ve made it, you should always keep continue to work and improve yourself as our father always taught us. ”

And if they could see anyone wear one of their bags? “Beyonce”… of course.

“In brief”, the girls explain, “the history of MANU Atelier started many years ago when we were two little girls… it was just born in February 2014. ”

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