Meet the artist championing, an empowering reinvention, of the female form

Not only are Venetia Berry’s paintings beautiful (serious #WallGoals), we’re also loving them as bold symbols of the growing body-neutrality movement, which celebrates bodies of all types, without exceptions. Amen to that.

In her nude paintings, race, status, size, gender – none of it matters. Venetia renders her figures as flowing, abstract curves in dreamy pastel tones – reclaiming the female form for a new generation of art lovers.

We meet the artist to find out more about her work, which will be on show at the GLAMOUR Beauty Festival in London from 8th to 10th March. As will a load of one-per-person goodie bags, with a design by Venetia herself. Make sure to get your ticket now from Eventbrite.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

“In all female bodies: in a gym changing room or on a beach, I often find myself thinking ‘I must remember the line of that curve.’ However, I find myself most inspired when looking at the work of other artists.”

Which artists do you admire?

“I love the work of Jessalyn Brooks, she perfectly abstracts the female form, without losing its essence. I also love Alexa Coe’s work. She manages to encapsulate the female form through one sweeping line.”

How do you want women to feel when they see your work?

“I want women to feel empowered and think twice about mentally criticising their bodies. We should be celebrating them for what they can do.”

What drew you to the female nude?

“I grew up in a world that celebrates the size six white female, nothing else. This does not reflect society as a whole and puts pressure on women to conform, so the idea of body neutrality really resonates with me. It’s vital for me to portray a woman who’s relatable to all.”

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