Meet Mahalia: The singer who will take your PMA through the roof

Mahalia is set to do for music in 2018 what Dua Lipa did in 2017, by providing a seasoning of sass across our air waves.

Her smooth AF R’n’B hit, I Wish I Missed My Ex provides us with the alternative break up song we have been waiting for and now the Leicester lass has lent her distinctive beauty to Revlon’s ‘Live Boldly’ campaign.

We caught up with our new obsession to talk beauty hacks and taking your mentality to the next level. Prepare to top up your positivity and your beauty bag whilst you are at it…

What does ‘Live Boldly’ mean to you?

To me, Living Boldly means a few different things. Firstly, it’s about never apologising for who you are and always being yourself. It’s all about understanding inner confidence, inner beauty and making sure to project that onto the outside. Truly believe that you’re bold and beautiful and amazing. I try to do this all the time…that’s how I try to live my life.

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With the festival season fast approaching, what beauty trend do you think you’ll rock?

When it comes to festival season, my beauty look totally depends on the outfit! The one thing I really love at festivals, is that you can go much bolder with your look as people are so far away! I always think it’s really important to have big statement black eyeliner to make my eyes pop. I also still love the glitter trend which was huge last year – anything glittery or gemstones, I love them! They are so easy to buy from the high street and customise them yourself to create any look.

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When writing do you just strip everything back beauty wise or do you turn it ON still?

When I’m writing in the studio, I totally strip it back makeup wise. I’ll go wearing a tracksuit and trainers, simply with some concealer under my eyes and a multi-purpose balm on my lips and eyelids so my skin looks dewy and fresh.

How does your music affect your beauty looks?

All of my music feels quite earthy and grounded, so I tend to go for an overall natural beauty look whilst accentuating my features with some bold pops of colour rather than redefining the way I look. My beauty look always depends on what I’m doing – I reflect my playlist in the makeup and overall look that I wear. I like to have one bold element with my makeup – either a strong lip or eye whilst keeping it fresh. I try to bring my youthful music to life through my style.

What beauty look do you go for when you are being your BOLDEST version of yourself?

After only wearing nude lip colours for years, I’ve recently got into lipstick and I love the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire and Ice – for me, it’s the perfect bright red for when I’m feeling bold. I used to tend to stay away from colour, but this is so lovely and really suits my skin tone.

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What is your beauty guilty pleasure and why?

I love to wear lashes! I don’t wear them all the time, but when someone does them for me, I really love it. It’s my secret as no-one knows I’m wearing them as I always go for natural looking ones. I’ll only wear them when I’m doing a super glam look, or at a festival to really accentuate my eyes and lift my face.

What beauty trend would you never try and why?

I think the one Instagram trend I’d never try would be the one about curly eyebrows! I remember seeing it and thinking to myself that it can’t be real! The other beauty trend I would never try these days would be the lip liner only look – the one where you only wear it around the edge of your mouth with no lipstick. I tried it once, and it definitely didn’t work on me!

What’s your biggest beauty regret?

My biggest beauty regret has to be from my school days. I’m from Leicester and we all had the full, combed over fringes! I’d straighten it so much, flip it over to the other side, and apply loads of eyeliner on my waterline for a smudgy panda eye. I’d finish it off with a pink lip and that was the look.

Thankfully, every photo of me with this look has gone now! Even though I was only 12 at the time, it was just SO bad!

If you ever have a down day about yourself what’s the one PMA mantra you tell yourself?

It’s not really a mantra, more of an action plan! There is always something that can be done to help yourself succeed, even if it’s going out for a walk or clearing your mind to re-focus. It’s important to be doing something to help yourself. I’m finally in a place where I genuinely believe in myself and know I’m good at what I do, so if I’m ever down, I think ‘if you’re so good, then why are you sitting here doing nothing.’ There is always another level and somewhere else to go. Aim for something, always know you can push yourself further and don’t rest on your laurels.

What is your day to day beauty routine?

Now that I’m on tour, my day to day routine is a bit longer than usual – the key extra step is to apply an eye mask after my morning skincare routine and before my makeup. I’m not getting much sleep at the moment, so they really help!

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Do you have a beauty or makeup hack?

My main makeup hack is to help apply eyeshadow. I like applying tape on my eyes (by my temples) before I apply any eye makeup to help keep them in line with each other and symmetrical. The only other beauty hack is when I’ve got dry skin, I’ll mix my foundation with moisturiser to essentially create a BB cream. It means that you’ve still got the coverage you want and need, but it glides on more smoothly like a moisturiser.

What is your skincare regime? What products do you swear by?

At the moment, my typical routine involves washing my face, cleansing and then applying a thick moisturiser if I’m not planning on wearing any makeup that day to allow it to sink in. After any performance, I always take my makeup off with a micellar water. Then I cleanse, tone, exfoliate and put on a night time moisturiser before bed. I love Vitamin E at the moment – it helps to make my skin look brighter, especially when I’m tired!

Some products which I love are The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturiser, Zero Skin under eye pads (I use these most days), and the Charlotte Tilbury Sheet Mask -I flew to LA a few weeks ago and wore this on the plane and got quite a few funny looks! For me, anything multi-purpose is amazing too,

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What is your makeup mantra? What products do you swear by?

The products that I swear by are:

Revlon ColorStay Exactify Liquid Liner: It gives such a strong, intense colour, and a really clean, thick line. It’s perfect for gigs and festivals as it has such good staying power.

Vaseline: it’s a great multi-purpose balm…I use it on my lips and also on my eyes when I’m writing

Revlon Volumising Mascara: My eyelashes are quite a good length, but I’d always like them to be a bit longer and fuller, so I make sure I keep a mascara on me at all times just in case for some added volume and this new one is amazing Available from 20th June 2018 at Superdrug.

Baby Oil: My legs can sometimes get a bit dry, so this is amazing to hydrate them.

Revlon PhotoReady Pore Reducing Primer: I never used to like primers, but this gives skin such a perfect canvas for makeup, goes on really evenly and makes skin feel soft and hydrated.

Cuticle oil: As I play the guitar, I have to keep my nails short most of the time, so I make sure to have regular manicures and use cuticle oil to make sure my nails don’t look dry.

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