Meet 3 Women of Color Lighting Up the Cannabis Industry

In the United States, women hold just 21 percent of executive positions at companies, regardless of industry or company size – but according to a recent survey from Marijuana Business Daily, that number jumps to nearly 37 percent for women in the cannabis industry.

The recreational cannabis industry in the US pulls in more than $7 billion each year, and as more states pass laws in favor of the use and sale of cannabis, business- and legal-savvy women entrepreneurs are eyeing opportunities that allow them to participate in the emerging industry while staying true to their longtime passions.

The cannabis industry is growing at a rapid rate, and these three entrepreneurs have all found ways to pursue their interests while getting a piece of the green rush.

Glossier’s New Serum Will Give Your Skin a Better Glow Than Your Favorite Highlighter

Glossier found a way to bottle up the dewy skin look you’ve been seeing on Instagram into one no-fuss product. The brand released Futuredew, what it calls an “oil-serum hybrid” that promises to keep skin moisturized and shining for up to 12 hours.

“It’s long-wear skin care,” Glossier founder Emily Weiss said at the event for the product. She explained that it was created for those who want that post-facial glow, fast. “You know when you get a facial or when you put your skin care on in the morning? You look amazing if you’ve done your zillion steps, but by noon, you may not look glowy anymore. .. This is still dewy and glowy for 12 hours.”

Weiss also explained the best way to apply it: she said to pat your face with a towel once after you’ve cleansed it (so that your skin is not too wet or too dry) before tapping the serum on.

As someone who has been loving the dewy skin look, I was excited to try the new serum. Check out how well it held up to the 12-hour claim, ahead.

Noah Cyrus Debuted Not 1 but 2 New Neck Tattoos and Piercings

For some, getting a tattoo means pushing their pain threshold to new limits. This isn’t the case for Noah Cyrus, as the singer revealed not one but two new tattoos on her neck and newly repierced nipples.

On Oct. 8, Cyrus visited celebrity tattooist JonBoy (who has also inked Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid, to name a few) and body piercer Robbie Milian for the tattoos and piercings. The new ink spells “Momma” in script – dedicated to her mother, Tish Cyrus – above an illustration of a spider sitting on a web.

Earlier this year, Cyrus left JonBoy’s studio with four new tattoos: three words inked on various fingers (one of which was a different design dedicated to her mom) and handwriting on her left wrist. Cyrus’s series of new ink this year is proof her pain threshold is already high – that is, if it exists at all.

Check out her new ink and piercings ahead.

The Art of Therapist Diversity

So, really how important is it to be a diverse therapist who is able to offer more than one treatment?

Our answer is VERY. Here at The Beauty Academy we have a range of different courses you can train on to maximise your earning potential. Life isn’t all about money, but lets face it if you’re earning a lot doing something you love, that must be a bonus right?!

The reason why it is imperative to expand your treatment skill set is because NO client is the same. Each of their needs will be catered for by different things. One may get her nails done every two weeks and never have anything else, another may get her eyelashes done every two weeks and never have anything else. This is why it is crucial for you to have a nice broad menu to improve the amount of income you will be able to make as a mobile Beauty Therapist.

Beauty Therapists work in close contact with their clients and that relationship is at the heart of the job, it builds a relationship of trust which is also why demonstrating a wide range of beauty treatments to each client will make them want to stay with you. It has a therapeutic element which can help the client’s sense of well-being and self-esteem.

The industry is constantly subject to changes in styles and trends so It is vital to keep up to date with all of the latest developments.

We currently have an offer on at The Beauty Academy to kickstart your mobile beauty career and start offering your clients a range of treatments. £100 off our Mobile Beauty Specialist Training Saver Package.

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