April 17, 2024

Meal Plan for May Week 2

This month,Megan Gordonis back with us sharing her weekly meal plans! Megan is a writer and recipe developer living in Seattle, WA, the author ofWhole Grain Mornings, and mom to a 2-year-old. Please welcome Megan!

I spent some time last week stocking up on spring produce – nothing gets me feeling more inspired to step into the kitchen than new, seasonal veggies!

Asparagus is so tender right now, and while zucchini isn’t necessarily quite in season, I worked it into a light meal on Monday night that feels right for springtime (also, I’m still on that healthy post-vacation kick! )

This week I aimed for variety of recipes: a vegetarian meal, a few that aren’t, plus a comfort food favorite for Friday evening. Both pasta dishes are great reheated, so if you want to really get yourself organized (or, like me, tackle some meal prep once the kiddo is asleep) they’re good ones to do in advance.

Friday’s lasagna feeds a crowd, so use it as an excuse to invite a few friends over – or freeze leftovers for a desperate dinnerless night in the future.

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