Maya Jama just got super candid about living with anxiety

Maya Jama is pretty much on a roll right now, having just secured a prestigious gig as a Radio 1 presenter, hosting the MOBOs, serving up the cracking podcast When Life Gives You Melons and smashing billboards nationwide with her PrettyLittleThing collection.

However, amongst all this glittering success, Maya has admitted to Bustle that she lives with anxiety.

“I suffer with anxiety loads,” she told the publication. “I’m a super anxious person.”

Continuing, the TV presenter said, “It’s just feeling overwhelmed and sweaty and sick. All of those nervous feelings. You know that feeling like you’re on a plane and your belly drops and then it just doesn’t go away? It’s like that feeling all day. It’s like you’re really nervous but everything is fine. You feel physically sick and you can’t eat.”

Claps to Maya for being so open about a condition that many suffer from in silence.

Simple and free acts of self-care to try if you’re feeling anxious

GLAMOUR UK recently caught up with Maya about all things fashion, fitness, beauty and the future.

With accolades including eBay ambassador, Maybelline beauty icon and fashion designer on her CV, you’d be mistaken for thinking Maya wants to chill out on the career front. Nope.

“The end goal is to have an Alan Carr style Chatty Man or a Celebrity Juice show.”

“I might want to go completely left and open a cocktail bar. I’ve always said that if all else fails, then I’ll become a bartender and travel the world but I don’t think that’s going to happen so maybe I’ll have my own bar and learn how to make some cocktails.”

Cheers to that.

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