May 20, 2024

Maya Jama Has Skin Workouts To Give Her A Glow

Love Island is back, baby. As well as throwing up some new unrealistic body standards (foot size shaming, anyone? ), the new season gave us Maya Jama in all her glory.

Audiences were so gassed to see Maya as the show’s new presenter that she immediately started trending across social media — and her glowing skin did not go amiss.

So what’s her secret? A strict ‘skincare workout’ enforced by aesthetician to the stars, Shane Cooper, that involves regular ‘workout-style’ treatments that are adapted to the state of her skin to ensure it stays dewy and glossy.

Speaking to GLAMOUR, Shane said: «Maya has been a regular client of mine for the last five years and she comes into the clinic a few times a month, depending on her schedule. Her treatments vary from helping with general skin maintenance to more in-depth bespoke treatments for events such as red carpets, awards shows and now Love Island.

“Maya is consistently in for facials to give her skin a workout, as the skin can change all the time. Dependent on her work and social calendar, I work with her routine, ensuring she has the best results provided. Maya also favours maintaining her dewised skin at home, with my exclusive skincare range. ”

For her face, Shane rotates between facials depending on her skin’s needs at the time. Sometimes she’ll plump for the Exclusive Face treatment, which includes muscle lifting, facial firming, radiofrequency for contouring, infrared light therapy, and lymphatic drainage. “To complete the treatment, I combine high-pressure cold CO2 mixed with active ingredients, applying directly to the face, for deep hydration and rejuvenation creating the ultimate ‘dewised’ look,” he explains.

For more skin maintenance workout, Maya switches between the Aqua Tight Facial and the Cocktail Hour facial. “The Aqua Tight Facial is the ultimate treatment to rehydrate your skin,” Shane insists. “Benefits include generating a brighter and smoother complexion, with the aim to tighten and lift skin with reducing fine lines and wrinkles. I use three individual machines, to deliver a water-based peel used in unison with a vacuum to remove impurities. A mesoporation handpiece, which uses hyaluronic acid and serums to restructure and oxygenate your skin’s tissues. Then to conclude, I use the Diamon-Grain handpiece to exfoliate and polish the skin. Ultimate skin oxygenation is key, which is why I include the “Shane Cooper UK Oxygenation Mask’ within this treatment, for an instant boost of radiance. ” Phew!

The Cocktail Hour Facial, meanwhile, combines vitamins, minerals and acids to create juicy looking skin. Beginning with jet-pressured energy that provides a non-contact lymphatic drainage massage, followed by a gentle exfoliation to remove any unwanted toxins and dead skin cells, this treatment uses a high-velocity jet stream with selected nourishing boosters infused into the dermis and specific areas of concern, followed by an LED light therapy to promote collagen and eliminate breakouts. “The treatment is result driven to revitalise and restore. non-invasive, pain-free with zero- downtime and immediate results. ”

For her body, Maya indulged in a Bespoke Body Treatment, which includes sculpting, tightening, body contouring and firming. “This treatment strengthens skin elastin and collagen production by using gold-standard radio frequency. Combined with dynamic muscle activation to tone and firm targeted muscles, leaving the skin feeling firmer and tighter,” he explains.

As for her hair, Maya’s long-time hairdresser, Jay Birmingham, told us: “Her red hot look from the debut show last night was sizzling and sexy. With Maya’s hair here I wanted to embrace the length and create a glamorous feel that would complement her gorgeous red two piece. To create this style, I used a larger barrel tong and styled all hair away from her face to create volume and bounce. Once complete through her hair, I used my brushed through the waves to bring the style together for a gorgeous finish. ”

Screw the islanders, we’re chomping at the bit for more Maya.

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