April 13, 2024

Matching your bra to your cardigan is actually a thing

The Telegraph’s Caroline Leaper has dubbed it the ‘bra-digan’ and claims we haveKatie Holmesto thank after she was photographed this week wearing the trend, which she says “is the first good celebrity outfit of The New Season. ”

If you’ve ever thought of cardigans as a little bit granny-chic, this might just change that.

You’ve probably heard of the twin set (when your cardigan matches the little top you wear underneath), but it looks like a new trend is emerging – matching your bra to your cardigan. Yes, you heard that right.

She added: “After months of seeing stars in their swimwear, swanning around in wafting-great-kaftans on enormous super yachts, the sight of someone looking good in a city wearing a knit feels novel and refreshing. ”

The rest of the internet seems to agree too. Influencer Camille Charriere shared on Instagram that she is “Srsly obsessed; fashion points for matching bra to cardie, knit thickness, and 90s brown mani. ” Her followers followed suit, one writing, “Ehm, Hell yeah? ? ? ? This is such a cool look! I’m offended I can’t wear a matching bra/cardigan combo to the office ? ”

Holmes’ twin-set hails from Khaite, a New York label famed for its polished staples and jeans, and is priced at £1,700. Whoah.

Course, you could just buy a matching bra and cardie to try it out first, keeping a few buttons done up and adding a simple gold necklace for added polish.

If you’re not brave enough to go full bra-on-show, you’ll be pleased to know the cardigan alone is having a massive comeback this autumn with designers like Gucci and Prada tempting us with some total beauts. Literally, we’re loving them so much we are actually counting down the days until it starts to get cold enough to wear one.

And if you’re keen to try the bra-digan trend, we suggest giving it a go sooner rather than later, before it does actually get too chilly to grin and bear it.

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