June 22, 2024

Master class SHE: with braids stand (photo-report)

Spit, from which we … dtsat years ago dreamed to get rid, as well as from other attributes of childhood, with age acquire more and more charm. Tricky weaving can turn a girl into a touching Lolita, or maybe – into a Russian beauty, an alien Amazon or a difficult socialite a la Grace Kelly.

At the request of SHE, the master of the salon “Kamiy Alban”, Alena Dusmanova, demonstrated two variants of hairstyles with braids, which can become both evening and everyday. The first option – for more bohemian and artistically free natures, the second – for elegant fans of classics.

All you need for the experiment – hair up to the shoulder blades, lacquer, hairpins and invisible – and ready to help the girlfriend.

Comb the hair on the parting on the side. We allocate a lock it is necessary a forehead from the side.

We begin to weave a simple spikelet, going down to the back of the head.

For a simple spikelet hair is divided into two equal strands – a thin string from each is transferred to a large neighbor.

Lightly spray with varnish to make the pattern smooth. Do not tighten tight! Especially softly the plait behind the ears, so that the shape of the hairstyle could be seen in full face.

Adding spikelets to the hair growth line at the back of the head, we change strategy a bit. From the already woven slightly stretch the hair, to give the hairstyle a careless shape …

… and then we weave the pigtail-spikelets to the end – with a very thin bandage.

From the finished spikelet we stretch the hair with loops to give the hair an airy openwork form.

And then, grabbing a scythe for a couple of hairs at the end, we pull the rest upwards for a forest of dishevelment.

Repeat the whole operation for the remaining half of the hair.

As a result, we should have two neatly “disheveled” braids.

Artfully we lay the braid with a spiral and twist it with another scythe. Ways of laying, explains the master, a lot. We fix the hairpin, invisibility and varnish. Hands give the “eyelets” artistic harmony, hiding the hairpins.

A ready hairstyle is suitable for an evening appearance …

… By the way, if you neglect pulling the buckles and fraying (or go to it moderately) – get the day option.

For the second version of the styling, more classic and elegant, we comb the hair on an oblique parting and again we separate the hair with the forehead – as in the first variant.

This time we are weaving a more complex pigtail. We divide the strand into five equal parts.

We begin to weave three strands in the middle.

To them the extreme strands are woven, leaving under the closest order to them …

… and then – in a checkerboard pattern.

We continue to go down, weaving new hair.

Having reached the line of hair growth, we leave to the side, weaving the remaining hair.

The ready asymmetric braid is slightly disheveled, slightly “checking for strength” individual strands.

Thanks to weaving in five strips, the braid turned out to be wide – now we turn it behind the ear into a “roll”.

We fix the hairpin, invisibility and varnish, add decoration.

“It turned out to be more reserved, a classic option,” the master explains. “The longer the hair, the more spectacular the result will look. ”

By the way, if you are not called to a social reception, instead of an elegant knot you can leave an asymmetrical braid.

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