July 18, 2024

Massage as a means of fighting for the figure

Summer is over, swimsuit season is over. For some it is for some reason a reason to lie in a deep hibernation and, relaxing, to eat rolls. We will not be like them, because we know: a sled should be prepared in the summer, and a figure – in the winter.

Massage, as is known, for health and beauty is the first remedy. Today it is combined with other procedures for harmonizing the body and soul. In the therapeutic and health center “Effect” the principle of an integrated approach is implemented.

Cellulite, although it is a secondary sexual sign, still can not take a rightful place under the sun: women continue to fight for beauty. That’s only to fight at the same time with their own health – an action risky.

Anti-cellulite massage in the people has long been considered the only panacea for the ill-fated “crust” – with the addition that it is very painful, accompanied by wild pain and bruises. That’s how women are divided into “the winners of cellulite” and those who can not stand pain and does not want.

Massage as a means of fighting for the figure

But how they turn out to be right.

That massage, which was considered a long time “classical” – the same one, with the use of force and with the same blue divorces on the buttocks – is now a thing of the past.

The cause of cellulite is in stagnation of fluid in fat cells and in violation of lymph drainage in this area. Lymphatic vessels are very thin, and if they are strongly squeezed, they are damaged. Because the “traditional” painful massage, leaving bruises, leaves and memory of them in the form of fibrous formations, which subsequently the situation can only worsen, strengthening cellulite.

The essence of modern techniques. The most popular is the so-called Spanish – in the procedure of lymphatic drainage. Stabilization of lymph drainage complex effects on the body: eliminates not only cellulite, but also improves the tone of the skin and vessels, there is a reduction in swelling and general improvement in well-being.

Women with a malleable, soft constitution see the effect almost immediately. If the type of figure is tight, “knocked down”, then additional techniques of deep massage are used, but the procedure of lymph drainage is mandatory and here – it is done after warming up and treating the muscles. It is important to note that this procedure is essentially a kind of stroking of a special kind – in the direction of the lymphatic vessels. Since no aggressive force is applied here, such a massage without exaggeration can be called tolerable and even pleasant.

Massage as a means of fighting for the figure

No matter how great progress, but the main element in a competent massage are the hands of a massage therapist. Medical education and many years of experience of the specialists of the “Effekt” medical center allow them to assess the situation in each specific case and, based on the analysis of the general condition of the patient, to conduct the course, using additional methods if necessary. For example, banks: the method is old as the massage itself is successfully used along with high-tech techniques (vacuum hardware impact). In some cases, negative pressure allows you to carry out lymphatic drainage more effectively. But this method has contraindications – increased fragility of blood vessels and a tendency to varicose veins. Therefore, before the appointment procedure, the patient undergoes a medical examination.

Any measures in losing weight give the best effect in a complex application. Temperature procedures enhance the effect of massage: special wraps are used in the warmth – the patient is sent to the sauna.

With lymphatic drainage, elimination of toxic substances is accelerated, which can sometimes cause weakness. In this case, thermal procedures, such as a cedar barrel, are useful.

Its advantage is in the minimal load on the vessels. Cold procedures, such as cryosauna, contribute to enhancing the lymphatic drainage effect achieved by the massage. Thus, “playing” with temperatures, you can achieve multiplication of efficiency by several times.

Massage is also successfully included in the complex of anti-stress measures. It is known that the causes of excess weight and excess volumes often lie in the psychological field: “zaedaya” troubles, the woman gets into a vicious circle. This will help unique methods of anti-stress massage, also used in the Center.

The neuropsychic tension accumulated daily leads to the so-called syndrome of unfinished action: restraining emotions, fatigue, fears and unspoken words remain in our body in the form of muscle blocks. The technique of Burmese massage involves the absence of support for the head, the fixation of the client’s head by the master and smooth chaotic movements of the head, removing muscle blocks, a gentle massage of the muscles of the neck, shoulder and back, in the absence of customer control over them. This achieves the state of relaxation in a short period of time.

Thai foot massage is another unique procedure, beyond the simplicity of which there is an incredible effect: puffiness and a feeling of “lead” in the legs are removed. The procedure is carried out from the feet to the knee, and for women who spend a lot of time on their feet – a real find.

In the medical center “Effect”, all procedures are performed in a complex manner. In-patient service allows you to fully utilize the skills of professionals in the overall improvement and improvement of aesthetic results. However, the flexible approach and the availability of a day hospital gives an opportunity to become more beautiful to every woman, even very busy.

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