Sunflower oil

Pressing oil from sunflower seeds did not start immediately, long-time bright colors were used only for decorative purposes. Start of production of sunflower oil was started only in the XVIII century, and in Russia began to produce oil later than in other European countries.

Sunflower oil is produced from sunflower seeds, is one of the most popular and available vegetable oils. Sunflower oil has a yellow color from light straw to rich amber, it depends on the degree of purification and refining of the product. Unrefined sunflower oil has a rich aroma of sunflower seeds specific taste is allowed in this small oil sludge.

Refined sunflower oil is transparent, almost odorless and tasteless. Deodorized sunflower oil has no taste or smell, it is very bright.

Calorific value of sunflower oil is 900 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of sunflower oil

Sunflower oil – high quality vegetable fat, the product does not contain any proteins and carbohydrates. In the composition of sunflower oil contains the unique vitamin complex that includes vitamins a, D, E, F and K, unsaturated fatty acids, necessary for all body systems to normal operation. Vitamin D is an accelerator of the absorption of calcium, participates in the construction of bone tissue, provides normal development of the musculoskeletal system, is the prevention of rickets.

Sunflower oil contains no cholesterol so it is useful for those who have elevated levels of “bad” cholesterol in the blood. The product normalizes the process of blood coagulation, participates in the formation of nerve sheaths and cell membranes of the body. Due to the presence of vitamin E oil can be considered a product antioxidant.

Sunflower oil is a folk remedy for constipation, diseases of the teeth and gums, it is useful to prevent functional disorders of brain activity, helps to maintain concentration and memory. Compresses of warm sunflower oil are proven remedy for a lingering cough and bronchitis.

Damage of sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is a high-calorie product, if consumed in excessive amounts, then the damage will be more than good. Heat sunflower oil for frying leads to the formation of carcinogenic substances that can cause cancer cells.

Sunflower oil in cosmetics

Sunflower oil is widely used in cosmetics, the product adds to the beauty mask to skin and hair, oil-based manufactured products for strengthening nails. The oil has a healing property, it can be used to prevent skin peeling after sunburn.

Sunflower oil in cooking

Correct and useful to use oil fresh seasoning salads and other meals without exposing the oil to high temperatures. On the basis of sunflower oil you can cook a large number of original dressings for salads, as a vegetable, and other ingredients. Fragrant unrefined oil is the best addition to pickled mushrooms, sauerkraut and the classic vinaigrette.

To oil in two ways:

  • pressing – mechanical pressing the oil from the crushed material. It can be hot and cold, i.e. with pre-heating of seeds. Cold pressed oil is the most useful, has a strong smell, but cannot be kept long.
  • extraction – extraction of oil from materials by organic solvents, it is more economical, as it allows you to extract the oil.
Methods of extracting oil

Received one way or another is necessarily filtered oil – obtained crude oil. Then it hydrate (treated with hot water) and neutralize. After such operations it turns out crude oil. Unrefined oil has a slightly lower biological value than raw, but lasts longer.

Refined oil is treated by the full scheme of refining, which provides the maximum possible period of storage, transparency and lack of taste. Biologically refined oil less valuable.

How to choose a quality sunflower oil

Need to see if there is sediment in the bottle – its presence indicates the oxidation. This product gives a bitter taste and when heated, foams;
Term storage of unrefined oil – two months, refined – four months; do not pay attention to the inscription on the label “no cholesterol”, in any vegetable oil no;
No need to store the oil for the light, warm: it spoils quickly. Place for him in the fridge.

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