Oil for the body of your dreams

About this oil I’ve heard hit home with Larsen and many girlfriends-mom, everyone praised him as the superfunds against stretch marks during pregnancy. But I tested it not “pregnant”, and beach mode – took with them on vacation to the Crimea.

Body butter, Bio Oil

The first thing I liked, is the lack of a sharp odor, characteristic of many oils. Second – ease: it is not viscous, almost like water. The third is a compact vial of lightweight plastic (great for the holiday suitcase).

And of course, the result is rapid absorption without any film and skin like a peach.

Масло для тела, Bio Oil

Solid softness, tenderness and no “pancake” effect, when the skin glistens obscenely. In the composition includes the complex of pomace oil, chamomile, calendula, rosemary, lavender, and vitamins A and E.

Body oil Huile Mirific Gold, Guinot

Масло для тела Huile Mirific Gold, Guinot

Let’s start with the fact that Guinot is a serious brand care procedures which do almost from the late 90s (remember as a high school student passed their Institute near Arbatskaya, when came from school). Therefore, the formula a priori inspires confidence – can not be afraid of comedones or “overdrying” that sin of low-quality oil. But the key word to describe the body oil Huile Mirfic Gold – hoaxer. Yes, this oil on the eyes turns snow white with the bruises and other imperfections in the world with a Mediterranean tan. Glitter on the skin visible, but personally I like it – summer is not the time to flirt and to return to the cheerful youth, when sequins painted everyday life in all colors of the rainbow? Especially good to use Huile Mirfic Gold for the legs – if it is urgent to put on a mini, the best of the sos funds will not come up. And greasy marks can not be afraid – the oil is absorbed within 5 minutes and does not leave a “pancake” Shine (just Shine from the sequins!). And it smells like vacation – flowers, waves and warmth of the sun. The composition of the active ingredients Passiflora blue and Mona de Tahiti.

Body butter Mango Body Butter, Planeta Organica

Масло для тела Mango Body Butter, Planeta Organica

Oil is the case when you need something dense and superfood to even the next morning after applying the skin was still wrapped. In the Bank it is like a frozen creamy, but melts in the hands, although quite fluid still becomes.

By the way, the Bank – plus, it’s small and compact, convenient to take on trips. The smell of the oil is not such a “shock” like many similar tools and evaporates faster from the skin, light touch can be felt only if to sniff. In the composition a considerable share of organic ingredients: mango butter and olive, extracts of oregano, marjoram, vitamin E.

Dry body oil for Nourishing dry body oil, Creme de Corps, Kiehl’s

The coolest – smell: vanilla, and almonds, and candy, as in that joke, “everything is delicious” (who knows the smell of the body cream from this series, the one in the subject). Further, from the pros – dispenser-spray, which is easy to vary your degree of lubricity. Of course, I was soaked, like a monkey, therefore, absorbed all of 20 minutes, and still in front of the white shirt had to promecotheca towel. If you do not go crazy, then after 5-7 minutes you can get dressed. Really turtles can combine the oil with other power-UPS: it can be applied under creams for body for maximum power. Composed of squalane and a bunch of different oils.

Dry oil for body Ligne Sea Breeze Premium Care Oil, St Barth

Brand Ligne ST BARTH knows a lot about tropical flavors, as established on the Paradise island of Saint-Barthelemey in the Caribbean. Almost all of their funds suitable candidates for this collection, but I wanted to stay at the luxurious Ligne ST BARTH Sea Breeze Premium Care Oil. The classic dry oil, coating and nourishing the skin, but the cool thing about it, of course, the aroma: intoxicating mix of sugar cane, vanilla, Jasmine warms and mentally transfers to the beach, shrouded in rays of the setting sun. Paradise? Paradise!

Body oil Frangipani Monoi Body Oil, Elemis

The British brand made the oil “for all” – it is recommended to use for body and hair, as well as the final stage of manicure and pedicure. The stunning frangipani oil smells and is packaged in a bottle that hints at his Eastern origin. To the touch it is not sticky and absorbs quickly. And it is funny freezes, even at very low temperatures – should open a window, and the oil turns into a balm. So it is thawed, it is necessary to place it in a container of warm water – say, I’m so luxurious that it makes the bath even my body butter!

The Monoi oil for the face and body MHuile de Magnolia, Leonor Greyl

Brand Leonor Greyl makes hair products (and very good), but this oil is designed specifically for the face and body. You can not call it greasy, but it is not dry – the texture of the classic, pardon the tautology, oil. Mark advises to use the Huile de Magnolia and makeup remover and as a soothing treatment after sunbathing, and just for the body after a shower. I went the latter route and happy: the butter good cream (I apply on damp skin, although the manual instructs to dry) and it smells absolutely unreal adult, neudachlivyi Magnolia. Composed of 97% of vegetable oils rich in vitamin A.

Body butter Coco Mademoiselle Velvet Body Oil, Chanel

The brand traditionally, a lot of bathroom tools in support of commercial fragrances, and Coco Mademoiselle, as the main hit, plenty of them. Body butter – dry, it leaves no film lies subtly and instantly absorbed. The aroma is very strong and durable – able to stay even after a shower – so this is a great option to do without spirits, if they have no mood.

Coconut body butter Extra Virgin, You Need It

When you open the jar, you see a tool that is similar to rice pudding, air texture, vanilla-coconut flavor. When applied to the skin is covered with a film which seems very greasy, but when rubbed disappears. I have very dry skin in the area of elbows, but a couple of days of use means heroically coped with the dryness and peeling and made it smooth and nourished. The tool is declared as 100% organic coconut oil cold pressed.

Body oil Fluide De Beauté 14, Carita

Love it for the incredible lemon smell, which reminded me of the candy “Rise” from childhood (they always gave in airplanes). The aroma is firmly held on the body – its hard to kill spirits, but it is rather a plus – it is not boring and even soothing. Liked the convenient spray – the process of distributing funds to a body does not take more than 30 seconds: a couple of zilch, and then rubbed into the skin massaging movements. The oil composition of hazelnut and corn, and vitamin complex (A, E, F). After not leave a greasy film and the skin becomes nourished and hydrated.

Perfumed body oil J’adore, Dior

Very often remedies for body smell so interrupt the smell of perfume. The alternative – a perfumed oil. First tried it at Dior. Fell in love with the tool with the relaxing fragrance of Grasse rose, Indian Jasmine and neroli. A few drops of oil added to the bath, and after applied the product on the body. Despite the excellent nutrient effect (instantly soften dry skin, the serum contains ylang-ylang), the tool is completely absorbed for a couple of minutes and didn’t leave a sticky film. But the fragrance remained on the body for several hours, and easily replaced perfume.

Dry oil Huile Prodigieuse, Nuxe

Universal oil for body, face and hair Nuxe we were in love from the first drop. First, try to put on the face – the tool immediately justified its title “dry”, immediately vetasses. I have oily skin. But the oil didn’t leave a Shine, providing a matte, velvety effect. For imparting softness and smoothness to hair enough one drops, crushed between your palms. Even if you have gone too far – not scary. Composed of vitamin E, oil of St. John’s wort, borage, almond, macadamia, hazelnut and Camellia, which improves the structure of hair. On the body to put did not, but added a few drops of shower gel and conditioner – the effect surpassed all expectations: the skin is soft, fine peeling disappeared after the third application.

Oil, Marula Oil, Paul Mitchell

The main active ingredient means is Marula oil. The plant is common in South Africa, in its composition, oleic, ascorbic, linoleic and other acids. Tool from Paul Mitchell versatile: can be used on body, face, scalp, hair. Aroma is faint – a great option for Allergy sufferers. I have quite thin, unruly hair – oil them weighted, creating the effect of staleness. But for my type of hair needed to choose a different concentration elixir. Now I use the Marula Oil before shampooing: apply on the ends for a few hours. Try, hair will say “thank you” for such a mask – they are easy to fit and shove.

Body oil Elixir Dry Oil, Payot

Read fashion the book “Magical housekeeping” and starting to appreciate the space in the house, for example, has minimized the number of bottles on the edge of the tub. Oil Payot helped me to cope with this task – “elixir” caramel Golden color males suitable for body and hair, and for dry facial skin. Bottle and even decorate the bathroom: it is not plastic, and of thick glass. Apply the oil every day and almost spent for three weeks – a sign of good oil for me! Its smell elixir Payot reminded me of Indian aromatic citrus essential oil. Not only smell, but also texture – it is quite dense, the oil quickly starts to soak (ten seconds to distribute it throughout the body is simply impossible). For that I love him? For skin Monica Bellucci from the movie “Malena”: radiant, plumped with moisture, healthy and smooth. When you put a couple drops of oil on the ends of your hair, they will look well groomed and glistens in the sun. On the face elixir is recommended to apply just before bedtime – dense texture gives the feeling of a well-groomed, but oily skin (the effect on the fan).

Birch cellulite oil, Weleda

For visible effect Weleda is recommended to use this oil twice a day for a month. I had two weeks of testing, but during this time there were results. I apply the oil with massage movements morning and evening after showering. The main ingredient is extract of birch leaves. It stimulates lymphatic drainage, improves metabolism and detoxifies. I don’t believe in full getting rid of cellulite without sports and proper nutrition. But by itself, regular massage made the skin more smooth and moisturized.
And the oil is very pleasant citrus smell. There is in the root extract of butcher’s broom, rosemary leaf and lemon that leave the most subtle scent on the skin.

Body oil “Bourbon vanilla”, Yves Rocher

The oil is very thick, dense texture and rich vanilla flavor. If not “hot” summer, I’d put down the tool until the winter, but now it I think. Smell of Bourbon vanilla – like cloud that the happy plunge, escape the bad weather. In the composition of the oils of jojoba, macadamia, safflower, apricot kernel and coconut. I do not advise to put a lot – the tool does not immediately absorbed. But the scent will be with you throughout the day.

Oil Skincare Oil Indulges Regenerates, Frei öl

A German brand with half a century of history appeared in the network L’etoile in June (which we described here). I had a month to appreciate one of the most popular tools in German pharmacies – Oil Skincare Oil. And at the moment this is my absolute favorite in skin care! The most important pluses: the oil is light, barely perceptible scent, and it instantly (really!) absorbed. It is very convenient, given that after applying the skin becomes really smooth, but there is no feeling of the film. There are no parabens, SLS and SLES, dyes and mineral oils.

Almond body oil, L’occitane

For body almond collection provençal brand L’occitane – my favorites for years. Happy to buy and oil for the soul, and the body oil spray. Body oil apply to slightly damp skin immediately after a bath.

The first thing you notice when you press the pump spray – it’s an incredible flavor! In the summer when I wear t-shirts and dresses with no tights during the day from time to time feel this trail. The oil smells like sweet almonds – I think it is a recognizable scent to L’occitane!

The texture of the oil is liquid but not like water – skin envelops and nourishes as long as you don’t wash away. Heard that this oil is good to use during and after pregnancy – there will be no stretch marks.

Philosophy L’occitane sounds like “art de vivre” – the art of living, enjoying mental and physical comfort. Remedies with natural compounds and aromatic essential oils excellent help!

Divine Divine oil, Caudalie

I’ve been in love with the divine aroma of the Caudalie skincare range in my “collection” not only had enough oil. Now it is a multifunctional tool permanently settled in my bathroom. The oil is suitable for body, hair, face, nails with it you can do a massage and add a few drops to the bath for relaxation. I have tried everything – and in one case, the tool did not disappoint me. Every day apply it after shower on wet body and face, then lightly pamaciau towel. Oil doesn’t form a greasy film, absorbs quickly and leaves the skin with a truly divine aroma. By the way, the song was created by the famous perfumer Jacques Cavalier – he skillfully combined notes of Bulgarian rose, grapefruit, pink pepper, vanilla and white musk. Separately pleased with the product with five natural oils – grape, sesame, hibiscus, argan and Shea butter. That is such a diverse collection makes this is a universal product. And oil is a very economical and take with you on vacation to the sea, and be not sparing, apply after sunbathing.

Body oil Bio Kedr, Planeta Organica

I’m not a big fan of conventional oils – it is very hard to find something on the skin will be moisturized, and wait for I don’t like (though in this collection I found the oil, which is now not breaking up). “Butter” with a creamy texture – the best alternative for those who, like me, wants to work in seconds, noticeably moisturize the skin, but in 5 minutes it disappeared without a trace. The remedy came to me in all the criteria, plus left a nice trail of pear aroma on the skin. Based on the oil of white Siberian cedar – for intensive feeding. A month of using skin really was more elastic – inflicted mainly on the legs, Halifa area, stomach and buttocks.

Body butter White tea, Organic shop

The Foundation funds organic Shea butter. White tea extract gives off a strong fragrance that stays on skin. At the Bank the oil looks solid, but at the time the application starts to melt (from contact with the skin), and after a couple of seconds resembles thick cream.

I’m doing this: RUB the oil in hands and massage movements put on the legs and the body, starting from the area of the hips. Then a light massage of hands and a special wooden brush. After 5-7 minutes of massage oil is practically not felt on the skin surface, there is only a light fragrance.

Better this treatment is done in the evening, after taking a hot bath. In the morning the skin is smooth and pleasant to the touch.

Body butter Peone Flower&Bergamot, 22/11

Here’s the hack how to use this oil. This morning I went to the pool, and going out, found in a sports bag hairbrush (and usually there is a round brush). Had to dry hair without pulling the strand. For me it is just the fuzz on his head. Well, that took oil 22/11, it can be applied on hair as a mask and (in my case) styling. After blow-drying I walked oil the strands, and they spun in the light (and smooth!) curls. For this reason, this tool has survived with me and a vacation in Israel you wash your hair, applied to hair, gently dried and all. And after returning from the beach, put it on body and hands and a child: it smells great (peonies, orange and bergamot) and moisturizes. The flavor stayed with us for the whole day. The composition is full of oils: jojoba, Shea and coconut.

Like 22/11 over a convenient and stylish package. Most of the tools in tubes like toothpaste. Do not leak, and what they can do of shooting a subject (well, you have seen from bloggers)!

Warming massage oil Relax, Natura Siberica

Dark turquoise bottle matte rubber with a mind like a potion. But inside is a very decent oil massage – with no color, almost no smell (there is a slight menthol), not sticky and not greasy. Poured from a rather large neck, so you need to be careful and not to overdo it.

Part of this means it includes a lot of oils of amaranth, Swiss pine, lemongrass, soy, sage, ylang-ylang, olive, almond and jojoba oil. I have sensitive skin – after most of the tools on it are redness and irritation, and this happens especially often with oils. After that, the skin feel easy and comfortable. Without massage it a bit cold, which is nice in hot weather or in the morning when you need to cheer up. With massage, you feel the subtle warmth. I use it in the morning after a shower: even when in a hurry, you can put on quickly and know what spots on clothes after it.

Body butter BerezkaLab

The creators of the brand organic cosmetics BerezkaLab traveled around Asian countries for a few years. Loving Korean, Chinese and Indonesian natural cosmetics, they decided to create organic brand in Russia. The body butter in the black glass vial really only consists of natural ingredients: oils of almond and avocado (rich in polyunsaturated fats, beneficial for body and skin) and vitamin E non-GMO. The oil is absorbed for 5-7 minutes, but leaves a thin adhesive film. If you are confused by this effect, blot your skin with a towel. Aroma of herbal and forest – is rapidly spreading throughout the bathroom. Nourishes and soothes the skin ideal after shaving or sunburn.

Body butter Tuva, NaturaSiberica

It’s not cream or milk, and real butter! To distribute it throughout the body, it is necessary to heat the tool in the palms – otherwise the oil will form a dense fat layer. And the color and flavor of milk (on the packaging there is a recommendation to use a night – then the skin has time to absorb the rich texture and look like velvet in the morning). Brand Natura Siberica is famous for its natural ingredients. In oil Tuva is milk and winter berry is the cloudberry.

Massage oil with Arnica, Weleda

Massage oil with Arnica is one of the oldest means of Weleda. It was first released in 1923. The tools are impressive glass bottle, so I use it only at home.

The consistency of the oil liquid, and the aroma of the forest (the ingredients for the funds collected in the Carpathian mountains, except in Arnica in the composition of the extract of birch leaves, lavender, and rosemary). It spreads easily on the skin, very sparingly used. I usually applied it after a workout and a hot bath.

A pea-sized butter rubbed between the palms, apply on the body areas that hurt (in my case hips) and gently massaging.

If you use a wooden brush with bristles, expect the wow-effect: the muscles relax and gradually stop hurting, skin is hydrated and a little firmer. The tool does not stick and does not cause discomfort.

Massage oil “slim” Slim Pro Modelling Oil, Soskin

The oil is in an elongated plastic bottle with dispenser, so you can use it very convenient. The tool is “slim” is very liquid, like water, smells of mint candy (aromatherapy is a plus!). For the entire body lacks very small quantities, easily distributed. The composition of sweet almond oil, grapefruit, lemon, water, fragrance, methyl nicotinate (gives a warming effect), lauroyl Proline (slows down the formation of adipose tissue). I wouldn’t say that the butter fat, besides it is quickly absorbed.

The effect of “slim” is the warm light, through which the main ingredients better penetrate the skin cells, increase elimination of toxins and excess fluid from the tissues. Like to use in the morning, when it is necessary to cheer up! In this series there are three more oil: “Contour”, “Relax” and “detox” – each solves the problem (and you can guess what) and is a mandatory part of the Spa program Soskin Paris Professional.

Pomegranate regenerating body oil, Weleda

Though oil and pomegranate, to me this smells like Christmas lemon cake my grandmother, after applying for a long time I enjoy a delicious unobtrusive scent. The tool is distributed evenly over the skin, making it shiny and elastic. Like any oil, it absorbs rather slowly, but leaves no residue on clothes.

Pomegranate oil is ideal for luxurious care for Mature skin – it is a merit of the high content of antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids. Pomegranate seed oil stimulates the natural regeneration processes, and to moisturize the skin helps a whole bunch of other vegetable oils – macadamia, jojoba and wheat germ.

A dry nourishing oil for face, body and hair Aroma Nutrition, Decleor

“For the face, body and hair” – written on a transparent amber vial, what is particularly pleasing – I love the power tools. The first thing that you notice is the amazing aroma. To the powdery sweet composition rarely fits the word “thin,” but here it’s really out of place. Delicate notes of frankincense, musk rose and Camellia for a long time remains with you, and even any perfume you do not want to use it. By the way, perfume and fragrances, as well as dyes and other chemicals in the product no. Decleor specializiruetsya solely on natural vegetable oils.

The second thing I want to mention is the stated texture. “Dry” is, of course, arbitrary, but the oil really absorbs quickly and leaves no oily and sticky residue. Got out of the shower, shook with a towel a water spray and immediately sprayed disinfectant (dispenser – convenient spray) all over the body. The skin immediately becomes soft and well-groomed, dry reduced even on the most dehydrated areas – elbows, knees, feet.

But for a person in the format of daily maintenance of the facility seemed a little heavy, I would advise to use it only in situations when you really need extra nutrition and hydration. And for hair in summer – the most it! For extra sparkle, spray onto dry strands from a distance of 25-30 cm and it Helps to care for dry and split ends.

Regenerating oil for body Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend from Elemis

This nourishing mix of natural oils sweet almond oil and Japanese Camellia is recommended for use in the prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy or fluctuations in weight. If you use it regularly for several weeks, do notice that the skin is not only moisturized, but also elastic.

Important nuances: the oil is very rapidly absorbed, but excellent for massage. It’s not that quick something struck and ran. To put it better after the shower, slow massage, thoroughly working out the thighs, stomach, legs, chest. Another feature of Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend is a subtle, completely unobtrusive scent. If the smell annoys you (and many natural oils is just that sin!), this body is the ideal option for you.

Oil Huile Sacree Cuba, Thalgo

This oil many benefits. The texture is lean and rich at the same time, moisturizes and nourishes. The aroma is sweet and Sunny. The color instantly enlivens pale skin, while Golden glow is not Intrusive and looks quite natural. And composition: oil colors podsolnechnika (not to be confused with seed oil), apricot seed and sesame oil are combined with sacred Monoi flower, plus algae extract to moisturize skin (and to present the most famous in Russia Thalasso brand). In General, the five plus.

Oil Huile D Avocat Ligne, St. Barth

I love oil “for all” – and bath and body and hair… And it just is. My hair is really thin, and oil mask I don’t practice, but discover a technique priglazhivanija temples – apply Huile D’avocat after shampooing and styling those strands, which must adjoin to a head, but textured to look and get the desired result. Better and more useful any styling products. Perfect for skin – quickly absorbed and left no sticky film. The composition of simple oil: pure avocado oil that provides intensive care.

Shimmering oil for body Soleil Plaisir Sultry Shimmering Oil, Darphin

The first thing I am grateful to the developers of this thing – a small handy dispenser bottle, from which the oil is poured out the slippery flow, and disciplined comes to skin drop. Moreover, somehow the balance is maintained the actual oil fundamentals and shimmering bronze particles, which should give the skin a light tan and radiance. By the way, I like “happy” the owner of the photodermatitis (i.e. allergies to UV light), on the beach, do not go and generally avoiding the sun, so very much appreciate cosmetics that are able to simulate the sun. This means it turns out. Put a few drops on chest area, arms and legs – the skin is not shiny treacherously, and delicately becomes radiant, soft and smooth, which is not surprising: in the – nourishing and moisturizing oils of almond, safflower, sesame and sunflower. And for a long time I am accompanied by the wondrous smell of exotic flowers.

Body butter, slimming, Anti-Eau Contour Body Treatment Oil, Clarins

For me personally it’s a legendary tool, and here’s why. Three years ago, being deeply pregnant, I suffered from swelling in the legs. My feet looked like Tolkien hobbits – this plump, appetizing legs fingers like sausages. And ankles causing the Association with baby elephants from children’s books. Edema I pursued and never was going to leave, because the street was August and the heat at 40 degrees, and I have recruited a couple dozen pounds and a sedentary lifestyle. And when I’m desperate to return to the feet of the divine form, from the company Clarins sent me a package with mast-jawami for expectant mothers, where they found the bottle with the speaker called Anti-Eau – the “anti-excess-fluid”, if in Russian.

Tool life-affirming and energetically smelled of bitter zest and herbs, and the composition had natural oil of lemon, bitter orange and marjoram. Pulling himself together, I apply it after a shower massage movements from the ankles to the thighs (as he could, of course). The heavy feeling instantly disappeared, as far as possible improving the lymphatic drainage, the swelling became less, though not gone completely. I now this oil is also use – but now as a maintenance anti-cellulite therapy. And problem areas of hard rubbing with a brush to even out the bumps and holes. And it works.

Oil anti-stress effect Stress-Fix Composition Oil, Aveda

The label indicates that this product is intended for bath, body care and scalp. But I’m his responsibilities significantly narrowed. In the bath I don’t add oils because I don’t want after long and hard that the tub to clean off any oily film. As for the scalp is also right there. If you’ve ever tried to wash your hair from oil, then you know that this is a never-ending process: apply, lather and rinse the shampoo will have a few times – sorry time.

In General, I got my own way to apply this product as intended and with maximum comfort. I brought the bottle to work. I too nervous after the prolonged beauty of the camera or tired because of the endless stream of letters, I drop the oil on the elbow and forearm. Then carefully rubbed the texture like you would with dried lavender and sage (it is their fragrance in the composition has a calming effect), and happy to breathe the cool, tart smell. Olfactory receptors react as necessary, transmitting to the brain impulse message “relax!”.

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