Mask for dry skin, the ingredients and how to use

Swinter, even normal and combination skin may begin to peel off, and the feeling of tightness is to become a constant companion. Owners of dry-type have very hard times. Due to the heating season and adverse weather conditions it is necessary to look for new ways to moisturize and care. What ingredients to look for in masks and which of them are ideal for dry skin? Deal with dermatocosmetician Victoria Goncharuk.

“Dry skin type is much rarer than oily, normal and combination. Characterized by narrow pores (even in the T-zone), early onset of wrinkles – especially in the periorbital area, no greasy, peeling, sensitivity to sunlight. Winter dry skin needs special care and extra moisture, not only external but also internal. After 30 the skin at all approaching to the dry type is fine. Due to adverse environmental conditions, improper care, insufficient supply of water in the body it can start to peel off before. Will tell you what ingredients to look for on packages of masks for dry skin”.

Natural oils

Натуральные масла

The fact that winter can not use moisturizers because of the high water content in them is a myth. Any cream contains water and no ice in the pores it becomes, the water becomes the desired temperature. Indeed, in winter the skin becomes drier due to the heating season, wind, low temperatures. In the evening you need to choose a more intense hydrating with good nutritional properties, day protective.

All moisturizing ingredients are divided into two groups: substances that slow the evaporation of moisture and to a substance, its attracting. Many masks there are those and other components. In winter, give preference to those that slow the evaporation of water: it can be vitamin E, Shea butter, avocado oil.

Avoid paraffin and petrolatum in the composition – if you abuse the skin does not retain moisture and restore the lipid barrier.

Aloe Vera

Алоэ вера

Formula masks enough concentrated, thereby achieving a rapid effect. They can be used as a rapid tool for recovery before some important event.

Aloe Vera juice is a great ingredient in remedies for dry skin. This plant has excellent moisturizing properties due to the part of allantoin. Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, helps to restore skin structure, promotes cell regeneration, heals cracks and wounds.


АНА- кислоты

Alpha-hydroxy acids used in cosmetics for more than twenty years. At first they were used only in dermatology for the treatment of eczema, acne and other skin zabolevaniy. Over time, alpha-hydroxy acids adopted cosmetology. But you must use them with extreme caution.

Alpha hydroxy acids eliminate the stratum corneum, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, help lightening age spots.

Their main function – exfolia. Therefore, masks with fruit acids should be used when it is necessary to remove the stratum corneum. Often to apply them is not worth it – can cause even more dryness. Looking in the lactic acid.

Thermal water

Термальная вода

Thermal water is not only refreshing properties, it nourishes the skin with valuable minerals, protects against aggressive environmental influences, helps to remove inflammation and prolong the durability of makeup. For owners of dry and sensitive skin suitable isotonic water. She has a neutral pH level – good moisturizer, relieves irritation, eliminates redness.

Look for masks with isotonic water, chamomile extract and vitamin B3 as a part of – a great “anti-stress” for the person. Thermal water in its purest form, I recommend to use in dry and air-conditioned rooms. But it is not necessary to apply it in less than 15 minutes before going outside.


Ceramide is an expensive ingredient. It is a biologically active substance on the basis of fatty acids. Ceramides help restore the lipid barrier, eliminates the feeling of tightness, protect from moisture loss and premature wrinkling.

Today there are many excellent oxygen masks. They are well moisturize and restore. Look for them at brand Beauty Style.


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