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ToAK care for the skin those who have access to any means and achievements of cosmetology? Many stars are not too lazy to spend the time to give your skin the attention at home and make masks. BeautyHack presents an overview of the means by which celebrities use in their beauty routine.

Маска PowerFoil Mask, Estee Lauder

The Choice Of Victoria Beckham

PowerFoil Mask Mask, Estee Lauder

The mask PowerFoil Victoria Beckham has entrusted this year an important mission – to prepare the skin for the Cannes film festival. In one pack there are pieces. Mask with secret foil layer helps the skin to retain moisture. Double dose of hyaluronic acid helps to extravaganja and nutrition. You can use every day.

Price: 6 599 RUB.


Маска Genefique Youth Activating Mask, Lancome

The Choice Of Emma Roberts

Mask Genefique Youth Activating Mask, Lancome

Mask is made of biocellulose, so it perfectly follows the contours of the face. Experts advise to apply it on clean skin twice a week after removing makeup and leave for 20 minutes. After the skin instantly becomes smooth, soft and fresh. Emma often uses this mask in the evenings.

Price: 7 264 RUB.


Le Lift Masque De Massage, Chanel

The Choice Of Rihanna

Le Masque De Massage Lift, Chanel

A loyal friend of the singer. Oily texture, but absorbs in a couple of minutes and does not require rinsing. Dermatologists recommend to apply the gel two to three times a week and massage. Extract of neroli in the composition, soothes the skin and makes it more flexible – what you need after a hard day.

Price: 6 700 RUB


Маска The Hydrating Facial, La Mer

The Choice Of Kim Kardashian

Mask The Hydrating Facial, La Mer

Express Spa for skin at home. Box of 12 masks can always be found in the beauty closet of Kim Kardashian. It is made from natural cotton and soaked in a cocktail of extracts of marine algae, melon and avocado for deep moisturizing dehydrated skin and combat wrinkles. Is not removed within eight minutes.

Price: 23 529 R.


Выбор Эмбер Хёрд

Selection Of Amber Heard

Mask Black Rose Cream Mask, Sisley

The consistency of the cherry yogurt. Mask no need to rinse – it is applied on clean skin and spread fingers all over the face. You need to wait about 10 minutes to completely absorbed. This time is sufficient so that the skin looks rested and hydrated, so works extract of black rose in the composition. Amber heard frequently uses this tool to prepare for the exit on the carpet.

Price: 10 095 R.


Выбор Эми Шумер

Selection Of Amy Schumer

Cloth facial mask, Rose Face Mask, Sephora

A godsend for winter when the skin especially needs nourishment and moisturizing. Mask with rose extract, use within 15 minutes – during this time, the active ingredients have time to penetrate the skin and make it radiant. Amy Schumer often causes this mask before an important secular events.

Price: 300 p


Text: Karina Andreeva
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