May 25, 2024

Mary Phillips told us the autumn beauty trends we need to know

You’ve likely already come across celebrity makeup artist, Mary Phillips. Her name has over 52 million hits on TikTok alone. She paints the faces of Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, JLo, Kim Kardashian and more. And, she popularised the underpainting contouring technique. Although she’s uncomfortable taking credit. “It’s an old-school technique, I thought every knew it,” she tells GLAMOUR. “I’m really grateful to the girl on TikTok who posted it,” she admits humbly.

Whatever the case, Mary flexes the techniques she’s picked up to perfection, which is why celebs and brands are queuing up to work with her. Just lately? L’Oreal Paris tapped-up Mary up to create the makeup look for their new global ambassador, Kendall, where she served up a whole extra edit of dreamy inspo.

We caught up with Mary to mine her for insider beauty tips, autumn trends and makeup intel, so of course, we’ve taken notes…

GLAMOUR: What is your secret to that glowy no makeup-makeup look?

MARY Phillips: “My secret to the glowy no-makeup makeup look is skin prep. You always want to make sure your skin is really hydrated, and that you’re hydrated on the inside as well as the outside. It’s really important to drink lots of water, that and lots of moisturiser. You can also take your moisturiser and tap it in on top of your makeup. Sometimes over foundation, I’ll take a little bit of moisturiser on a fluffy brush and go in, instead of actually using product, it kind of thins the foundation out and makes the skin look like skin again, and it rehydrates it.

So it really is just adding a little bit of hydration on top of the foundation. Then, with makeup, I love using a combination of cream highlighter and powder highlighter. So I first apply a cream after I’m done with the makeup. It’s probably the last step I do, and I will tap a little bit of a cream highlighter on the tops of the cheekbone, down the bridge of the nose, sometimes on the tip of the nose or tip of the chin, then right on top of the brow bone. And then I’ll go in with a light bit of a loose or pressed powder highlighter on top of that just to ensure that it will last. »

Your lip combos are famous. What is your current favourite lip hack?

“My current favourite lip hack is the Infallible Matte Resistance by L’Oreal. It stays on all day. The colour range is amazing. The colours look great on everybody. I have just had such a great time and the feedback from my clients is ‘my lip lasted all night’, so I can’t live without this lip product. ”

How do you create the perfect liner on Kendall?

“She has such an incredible eye shape, I don’t really have to do much. She has these beautiful, big Bambi eyes and they almost just tell you where the liner goes. But, I always like to follow the under curve of the lower lid and where that goes up, that’s where you want to extend the eye up. So that’s a little bit of a trick or a tip to help you out. ”

You share so many amazing beauty tips, but have you picked up any from your clients in return?

“Oh my gosh. I feel like I’ve learned probably some of my best tricks from my clients. I mean, I’ve been lucky to work with so many amazing, beautiful women who are all usually very talented at doing their own makeup, and they’ve all worked with the best of the best makeup artists, so they’ve picked up tricks that they luckily share with me. One of my clients taught me, if you’re in a bind, you don’t have powder to take a tissue and open it up and use the inside of it as powder if you need to matte out. It’s like the little inside. There’s little, tiny bristles, and it mattes better than anything. It is the best trick on the go. ”

What is the one makeup technique you use on every single celebrity?

«The one makeup technique I use on every celebrity is under painting. ”

What’s your favourite makeup look you’ve ever created?

“My favourite makeup look I’ve ever created was probably this year, the 2023 Vanity Fair Party for Kendall Jenner. It was just very simple and classic, but sexy. I feel like it’ll forever stand the test of time. ”

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