Marketing without Spamming

With time pressures of a full client column, it’s easy to resort to poorly considered, hastily sent out spam style emails shouting about offers but that may fall on deaf ears if you’re not hitting the right notes with your clients.

Most beauty therapists will find the next 2 weeks these the most busy of their entire year but it’s important to be thinking ahead to avoid the post festive period slump in business.

We give you the top tips on how to successfully engage with your target customers without resorting to tiresome spam…

Think outside the inbox…

We all receive far too much email spam these days. Email providers are getting smarter at identifying likely spam and sending it straight to junk or spam inboxes, never to be seen by your clients. Don’t fall into the common traps that will leave your marketing efforts unread. Utilise marketing email systems like MailChimp where you can personalise templates so that it pulls through your recipients first name rather than sending hundreds of ‘Dear Customer’ style generic emails.

Such systems also allow you to stagger block sending emails into smaller batches making it less likely that the email provider will blacklist you as a sender and send your emails to spam in future.

It’s also important to think about other ways to stay in touch with your clients that don’t involve sending out weekly or monthly emails only.

Rapport is everything…

Don’t waste the opportunity of having your clients in front of you to maintain a relationship and market directly to your customers. Don’t be afraid to suggest new treatments to your clients or discuss upcoming offers that may tempt specific clients while they are with you receiving treatments. They will be at their most relaxed and receptive to new ideas when with you for pampering and giving them inside information on your soon to launch offers give the VIP feel for any client. Promote your offers on an early bird basis letting them take advantage ahead of deals launching. Also don’t forget to check in with them about their marketing preferences when updating their consultation card to ensure you’re up to date for GDPR reasons.

Heard it on the grapevine…

So many of your clients will be following you on social media. Don’t forget to take photos of treatment results (with client permission) to showcase your latest work. You want your clients to be inspired and want to get that look. Also having a regular reminder of who you are and what you do to those who are obviously interested in your services allows you to reach your target audience freely and in a fun, relaxed way. Encourage likes and shares to win prizes such as a discount or free treatment to build your following. Consider using blogs or vlogs to highlight your skills and talent, build professional connections and to stand out as a professional in the industry.

Your story…

Don’t forget to update your story on social media whether it’s Facebook or Instagram to keep your followers up to date. Ask for opinions and don’t be afraid to post in a friendly, personal tone as the therapist and down to earth human behind what you do. Don’t fall foul of appearing too corporate and out of touch with your clients.

In-Direct Marketing…

Make sure your clients are doing the hard work for you through referrals and word of mouth. Make sure their experience is great all round including communication about appointments, responding to client queries, offering something unique like fresh coffee or fruit snacks to clients, your appearance is always top notch and inspirational and that you go the extra mile where possible e.g. to slot that regular client in before a special occasion or to remember the names of your client’s children or pets.

Don’t forget the value of a great business card and it’s presence in your client’s purse to help them remember you and promote you to others. Finally let your work speak for you e.g. by having unusual nail colours or adding nail art so that clients will be asked where they got their nails done for example.

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