Mariah Carey Sings “Always Be My Baby” at Home

Mariah Carey brought back a classic track for the iHeartRadio Living Room Concert with Elton John on March 29. Shortly after celebrating her 50th birthday, the singer belted out a nostalgic rendition of “Always Be My Baby” from her at-home studio, and whew, she’s still got those whistle tones on lock.

Her pianist and singers provided background music from their homes, and even though they were separated by social distance, every piece of the song still fit together.

The unique concert brought together artists like Carey and John, as well as other musicians like Billie Eilish, Demi Lovato, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes, and the Backstreet Boys, to raise money for food-bank network Feeding America and the First Responders Children’s Foundation. Watch Carey’s full performance above to dive straight into your feels.

Ben Platt Returns to His Dear Evan Hansen Roots to Sing “You Will Be Found” With the Cast

Ben Platt is stepping back into Evan Hansen’s shoes for one night to remind us all of a powerful message: “You are not alone.” The Politician actor made a surprise appearance on The Late Late Show‘s #HomeFest on March 30, along with the cast of Dear Evan Hansen, to sing “You Will Be Found” from the hit Broadway musical. The rendition came after a powerful monologue by host James Corden, who empathized with his viewers during this time of uncertainty.

“Reaching out to somebody else who you think might be struggling too is pretty much the best thing we can all do right now,” Corden said. “Because we absolutely will get through this.” Corden explained that he chose “You Will Be Found” to close out the show, because the song’s message also expresses what he wanted to say to his audience. Watch the inspiring video above to hear Corden’s inspiring words and the motivating performance.

The Best Tiger King Beauty Memes the World Didn’t Know They Needed

Netflix’s docuseries Tiger King has left viewers captivated in every sense of the word. You have the larger-than-life cast, the endless drama, the incredibly bold fashion, and let’s not forget the unexpected beauty moments. There are mullets, tattoos, black eyeliner, and eyebrow rings galore.

If Joe Exotic is certain about one thing (other than how much he loathes Carole Baskin), it’s his signature look. We’re pretty sure he sleeps in his black eyeliner tight-lined on his waterline; and whether he wears a mix of bronzer and blush on his face or it’s a natural result of years of never wearing sunscreen, he has a constant cheek flush going on. Not to mention, his blond-dyed mullet certainly dates back to before some of us were even born. Top that all off with a leather fringe jacket and an eyebrow ring that looks like it’s hanging on for dear life, and you have yourself an Exotic Halloween costume in the making.

Arguably the best thing to come out of this docuseries – other than the unforgettable knowledge we’ve learned – is the memes buzzing around the internet. They’re all pure gold, but the beauty-specific memes are particularly amusing given the current times. Check out a few of our favorites, ahead.

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