March 4, 2024

Maria Is Eyeing These Eco-Friendly Work Pants

Stylish *and* sustainable. Black Eco Twill Work Pants, $95, available at Backbeat Rags.

After dedicating myself to a shopping cleanse since last November, I’ve slowly started to make new fashion purchases this month. Leading up to breaking my fast, I’ve kept a list of items that I hope to add to my wardrobe for the spring and summer seasons, editing it down and adding a few more that might come to mind as I scroll through Instagram or stare at my closet.

The next outfit addition I plan to tackle next: a pair of work pants.

Now that I’ve gotten back into the groove of shopping, I’m also much more conscious about what I buy. For starters, I keep fast fashion retailers as a last resort for finding the things that I need, and instead, I’ve turned to more sustainable options, such as ethical brands, vintage or resale shopping apps, like Poshmark.

Black Eco Twill Work Pants, $95, available at Backbeat Rags.

For my future work pants, I’ve been eyeing a pair by BackBeatRags, a Los Angeles-based, female-founded brand dedicated to creating super-wearable and eco-friendly basics.

The label’s work pants are made from eco twill, a durable fabric mix made up of organic cotton and recycled polyester, which comes from old packaging, specifically the bottles that hold soda or water. I plan on wearing these pants on the baggier side, and teaming it with a crop top, vintage T-shirt or cozy sweatshirt, which are also offered at BackBeatRags. Plus, the pants are its first foray into woven apparel, which makes me even more excited to see what else the brand will offer in the future.

Black Eco Twill Work Pants, $95, available at BackBeatRags.

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