Maria Doesn’t Need More Denim – But She’ll Make an Exception For This Pair

It’s from Warp + Weft. Warp + Weft ICN Wide Leg Jeans in Carolina, $98, available here.

We had a recent conversation at Fashionista HQ regarding how many pairs of jeans we all own. The common conclusion among the staff was that we most definitely own way more than we actually wear. Personally, I have roughly 15 pairs of jeans, but really rotate between four or so styles. I don’t need more denim in my wardrobe, but… I might just make one, little, teeny-tiny exception for this pair from Warp + Weft.

The breakout denim brand took inspiration from Seoul’s edgy street style scene to create this wide-legged version with distressed hems. It’s an interesting take on the torn-and-tattered trend, which usually leaves denim ripped at the knees or shredded along the entire front of the leg.

I already own jeans from Warp + Weft and love how they fit me; plus, they’re super comfortable with a lot of stretch, which means that I’ll likely enjoy wearing this pair, too. I’d style them the same way as the model seen above – cropped T-shirt, Doc Martens, skinny sunglasses and all.

Warp + Weft ICN Wide Leg Jeans in Carolina, $98, available here.

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