Table margarine milk

Butter contains 82-84% fat, table margarine contains the same amount. Butter from 0.45 to 0.5% of protein in margarine from 0.5 to 1%. Table margarine must contain not less than 82% fat.

Table margarine in appearance are difficult to distinguish from butter. The similarity is not only external. Margarine is similar to butter and the composition and digestibility of his body, and in food value. It is close to butter also for its aromatic flavor.

Assortedment table margarine diverse – the recipe is included up to 30% vegetable oil, about 60% of hydrogenated fats and coconut oil.

How to prepare the table margarine milk

For maximum approximation of table varieties of margarine to butter in the cooking process it adds a fermented milk. And for better absorption and to make margarine and cooking the most fully reproduced butter, raw, prepare for the production of margarine, emulsified.

Emulsification ensures a strong connection of the two mutually insoluble liquids – fat and milk, a good consistency of margarine evenly, boiling margarine on the pan and prevents it from splashing. An emulsifier, i.e. a substance intended for connection fat milk (or fat with water in a dairy-free margarine) in this case is lecithin. Used and other emulsifiers.

Milk is added to margarine, pre-pasteurized and it is ripened with lactic acid bacteria, and reports margarine milk flavor and aroma.

Table margarine dairy margarine differs from butter because it contains no butter and table margarine milk animal stands out among the other types of table margarine the presence in its composition up to 25% hydrogenated whale fat.

Varieties of table margarine milk

Table margarine of all kinds, except vintage, are divided into higher and 1st grade.

Margarine higher grade should taste clean, pronounced dairy flavor, firm texture, shiny plastic surface. Color – light yellow, uniform.

In 1st grade acceptable matte surface of the cut, the color is not quite uniform. Not allowed to sell margarine with a musty, moldy, bitter taste and smell.

The caloric value of table margarine milk

The caloric value of table margarine milk is 743 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of table margarine milk

Table margarine milk contains significant amounts of vitamins A, E and b, calcium, potassium, magnesium. It contributes to maintaining female beauty and health, strengthening bones, nails, hair, teeth.

The use of table margarine milk in cooking

Table margarine milk used in the manufacture of confectionery, for preparing sandwiches, in cooking.

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