Margarine butter

Margarine – a product based on vegetable oils, water, emulsifiers, with the addition of flavorings.

In many countries, margarine is the most sold product in its category, while dairy and olive oil as well to hold its market position. Butter margarine – the most popular and sold in Russia is a kind of margarine. Butter margarine is prepared by mixing (emulsification) of fats natural vegetable and hydrogenated (i.e. converted into a solid state) pasteurised, fermented milk 25% butter.

Margarine butter is high quality product, produced in accordance with GOST according to the classic recipe. Thanks to modern technologies of production of margarine butter currently has a long time storage.

Calorie margarine cream is 745 calories per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of margarine butter

Margarine cream contains in its composition of butter has a creamy taste and aroma, contains vitamins a, E, PP and trace elements. It contributes to maintaining female beauty and health, strengthening bones, nails, hair, teeth.

The use of margarine butter in cooking

As a solid cooking fat margarine butter is widely used as an ingredient for cooking many dishes. Margarine is versatile in use, it is excellent for frying, sauteing, baking and sandwiches.

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