Semolina, cooked in milk, is a traditional Breakfast of several generations of our compatriots. Unconditional love or the categorical dislike of the dish was based, rather, on the skills of those who prepared the porridge with lumps or without. Anyway, had Breakfast semolina in many families.

Semolina is a special way of grinding wheat, both hard and soft varieties. Semolina is cooked with milk liquid, medium or thick, depending on the preferences of the consumer, so the calorie content of the product is taken to be averaged.

Calorie of semolina with milk is 98 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of semolina in milk

In soiled milk contains simple carbohydrates that provide quick satiety and a boost of energy, which is enough for a while. Semolina is digested almost completely, does not injure the stomach wall, as it contains a minimal amount of fiber – about 2%, so the product is recommended to individuals who suffer severe illness and complicated surgery, in the recovery period. Semolina milk contains a poor vitamin and mineral complex, the product contains: vitamins b, E and potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus. Milk has the ability to reduce the glycemic level of semolina, so the GI of semolina in milk are lower than cooked in water.

Composition and useful properties of semolina in milk

Harm semolina in milk

The product is not recommended to persons intolerant to gluten and lactose, because the probability of occurrence of allergic reactions. Modern pediatricians are advised to refrain from the introduction of the semolina with milk in the children’s menu up to one year up to three years of age be limited to one or two servings of cream of wheat with milk in a week. Substance phytin contained in the product significantly slows the absorption of calcium and iron, which has negative consequences for the human body.

Semolina with milk in weight loss

Despite the high percentage of simple carbohydrates in the product, semolina with milk sometimes becomes an ingredient in the diets, one of which – mono-diet of dairy soiled. Food for 5 days will only semolina porridge milk, boiled without sugar and add butter, water and green tea.

As with any restrictive methods of nutrition, this diet involves pre-visit to the specialist to identify contraindications and side effects. For those who are not willing to only eat semolina, substitute in baking of the flour semolina or milk semolina, then the flour can not be added.

Semolina milk in cooking

There are several options for making semolina with milk – pour the grits into cold or boiling milk, diluting the milk with water or pre-mixed cereals in small amount of cold water. Remain unchanged the proportion of cereal and liquid is 1:4 and required constant stirring of the porridge, in order to avoid lumps. For better swelling cereal I advise you to close it with a lid and allow to stand 10-15 minutes. In the semolina in milk, add sugar, cinnamon or vanilla, jam, condensed milk, dried fruit or fresh berries.

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