Man documents attempt to cancel internet plan and it’s truly Hell on earth, photos

An internet service provider is an awful lot like a haunted house in a horror movie: cell reception mysteriously cuts off, strange static noises emit from the TV, and once you enter this hell on earth, you may never leave.

The main difference is that the demons in horror movies usually have the decency to warn the adventurous teenagers before they stroll in, usually through a “TURN BACK” sign scrawled in blood or an ominous figure cackling maniacally.

But Virgin Media has no warning sign. And when this couple wanted out, they had to fight customer service tooth and nail to escape the clutches of the ruthless ISP (and certain doom). Thankfully, John Bull and his wife lived to tell the harrowing tale on Twitter.

Update from John: “TWO YEARS LATER they’re still sending us letters asking us if we’ve considered signing up again.”

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