June 17, 2024

Making a ‘Christian-monitored’ version of TikTok called Jesus Tok

The rapper continued to say, “I was watching TikTok with my daughter and as a Christian father I was disturbed by a lot of the content, but I completely loved the technology.

We pray we can collaborate with TikTok to make a Christian-monitored version that feels safe for young children and the world. In Jesus’ name amen. ” It’s unknown what the triggering content for Kanye was, but there is plenty that might not be appropriate for a 7-year-old.

Unfortunately, the offering of a collaboration comes at a very busy time for TikTok as the platform is facing a US blanket ban after President Trump announced his plans to eradicate the use of the Chinese-owned company. TikTok has until 15th September to sell the its USA platform to an American company. Microsoft have publicly thrown their offer into the ring, to buy the company so they might be a touch busy to team up with Kanye at this stage, perhaps.

He’s tried to run for President, he’s released multiple hits and now for Kanye West’s next move he wants to team up with TikTok to create a “Christian-monitored” version of the social media platform.

Yesterday Kanye took to Twitter to announce his intentions, saying he had a “vision,” for the initiative after watching his eldest daughter, North West, playing around on TikTok.

Kanye is going with the name of “Jesus Tok” for the project and wrote in a post, “A VISION JUST CAME TO ME… JESUS TOK! ”

But what would Christian TikTok look like? Angel wings and halo filters? Viral dance routines to Christmas Carols? Maybe even a voice of God filter (really into that idea BTW)? A button to report those with loose morals? Either way, we are intrigued to see what Kanye comes up with next and if Kanye has anything to do with it, there will be some raised eyebrows and keen fans in equal measures.

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