May 30, 2024

Make Like a Salad and Mix These 19 Fun Fruit-Printed Dresses Into Your Summer Wardrobe

Cherries, strawberries, bananas and citrus, oh my! A pretty mixed fruit print from HVN.

A pretty mixed fruit print from HVN. Photo: @hvn/Instagram

Nothing says summer like a pile of fresh fruit. (Literally nothing, please do not @ me. ) There’s something about the bright colors and refreshing flavors that just feels so right when it comes to snacking in hot weather.

The same can definitely be said for summer wardrobes. When temps go up, we want to wear nothing but breezy dresses – bonus points if they’re covered in our favorite fruits. Whether we’re talking about a slip dress embroidered with the sweetest strawberries or a ladylike dress in a lemon print, there’s no style of dress that can’t be improved with a fruit motif.

Need proof? We rounded up 19 of the best fruity dresses for summer – wicker basket not included.

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