May 24, 2024

Madelyn Cline On Fame, Body Image & Set Banter With Daniel Craig

During your sex scene with Ed Norton, what role did intimacy coordinators play in empowering you and making sure you were comfortable?

I mean, it’s standard to have an intimacy coordinator, and it’s important to be open and honest about what you’re comfortable with, not just with yourself but with your onscreen partner. And that’s exactly what happened on Glass Onion’s set. Everybody was very respectful and gave us our space. And Rian Johnson made sure that we were feeling comfortable and that there’s nothing that made us feel like we’re crossing a line. That’s how it should always be.

You’ve got a massive social media following (12. 5million on Instagram). What do you do to make sure it doesn’t impact your personal life?

Yeah, by turning it off! It’s important for me to remember that with my socials I’m incredibly blessed. But at the same time, sometimes it can get very loud, so I have to turn it off and listen to myself for a second and be present in the moment. It’s so nice to not be thinking ‘oh, I’m gonna take this picture to post’. It’s so nice to just leave my phone somewhere for a few hours. But it’s also such a wonderful tool and I’m so thankful for it.

When do you feel at your most empowered?

When I’m in an environment where everybody’s really lifting each other up, respectful, loving and just having a good time. Finding people who see you and also match your energy is so important. I feel like that’s really empowering – finding your people.

And sometimes it’s little things like what you’re wearing, like your favourite outfit or that one piece of clothing that makes you feel like a f*cking badass. That sh*t’s empowering. Just having the ability to listen to yourself and know what you need or want is empowering.

Just having the ability to listen to yourself and know what you need or want is empowering.

In Glass Onion, most of the main characters are all about power and status, is that something you value?

That’s all just a nasty game of chess. I don’t think about it like the characters in this movie do. I think human connection is so important. Your family, your loved ones, your friends, that’s what’s important. So no, I did not think about it like these characters. But it is funny to watch them think about it.

As you navigate the world of celebrity, how do you look after yourself? What advice would you give for self care in high-pressure situations?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – sometimes at the end of the day, just pour a glass of wine. Talk to your friends, talk to your family and gratitude. Lots of gratitude.

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