This is the bacne clearing cream Amazon reviewers are raving about

The latest moisturising lotion favouring well with Amazon customers is Amlactin 12% Moisturising Lotion. Formulated specifically for anyone with these dry and rough skin conditions, the cream contains a higher than usual dosage of Lactic Acid at, you guessed it, 12%.

Known for its exfoliation qualities, Lactic Acid strengthens the skin’s barrier by stripping away weakened cells which is a win-win scenario for all involved.

Whether it’s psoriasis, eczema, bacne or keratosis pilaris (harmless, small bumps on your skin), there are some creams we desperately want to be the one elixir to help reduce the feel and look of these conditions.

Essentially, we’re looking at a moisturiser which packs more punch for seriously dry skin. As if this wasn’t enough, the cream is also fragrance free which helps eradicate the risk of irritation. It’s also paraben free and boosts healthy skin renewal through gentle exfoliation.

Amlactin 12% is giving moisturisers a good name again, what with all the scepticism surrounding the effectiveness of moisturisers more recently.

“This is a miracle cream. The cream has completely healed the skin in just 2 weeks,” wrote one Amazon user. While a couple of weeks may seem quick, many of the reviews have passionately backed up this claim.

“In just 10 days this lotion has done a far better job on my skin than 2 years and several thousand pounds worth of laser appointments,” said another user. With this user trading expensive treatments for a more cost-effective cream yielding quicker results, who wouldn’t want an alternative which ticks the boxes so well?

Sixty per cent of users have nothing but compliments for the moisturiser. In many cases, it seems the newly popular cream is one of the most effective creams which forms a long-term solution and not just a quick fix.

Check out the Amlactin 12% moisturiser, £29.49 on Amazon

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