Lush is releasing foundation sticks – but you’d better be quick if you want one

Lush is one of the UK’s favourite beauty brands when it comes to face masks, body lotions and spending way too much money on bath bombs.

They’ve never majorly tapped into the makeup market but this could all be about to change with the release of their new Slap Stick solid foundations being released this Friday (June 29).

The new solid foundation, launched exclusively through Lush Labs, claims to be a medium-coverage, buildable formula made using 45% Indonesian coconut oil to hydrate and sooth your complexion.

The Slap Sticks also contain Argan oil harvested by a women’s co-operative in Morocco to quench thirsty faces and make your skin glow when you remove your makeup. We’re sold so far.

Obviously, the Lush ethos massively surrounds veganism, so of course, the new range is totally cruelty-free. Not only that, but sourcing raw materials from projects that support women and children in underprivileged countries is a key focus in the formulation of Lush’s new makeup. Through the purchase of coconut oil, 10% of profits go towards funding literacy classes and a dentist on the island of Nias.

Following Fenty’s breakthrough lead last year, the foundation comes in a range of 40 shades with undertones of warm, cool and everything in between. It’s pretty reasonably priced at £16.95 – however, some felt Lush’s last makeup release left a lot to be desired so only time will tell if the formulas have improved.

However, for everything great, there’s a downside. As with all Lush Lab products, these sticks are super limited edition and available to purchase online for one month only. If you’re a Londoner, you can visit the Lush Studio in Soho from June 26 to be colour matched before the launch.

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