Best eyeshadow to 1000

Matolye, cream, shimmer and nadovich shades!

Palette eyeshadow Eyemazing Eyeshadow, Misslyn

The shadows are soft, rather dusty than creamy or satin, the brightness of the pigments is moderate. Brush applied quite easily, spilling within reason, color is easy to layer, there is no risk to put the first time too much. In the feather rather obedient than not, although the brush is better to use the most soft.

Colors in a compact palette conveniently matched for both day and evening make-up, and during the working day keep “Bang” even without a base. Feels light, not weighted and do not irritate the eyelids.

Палетка теней для век Eye-mazing Eyeshadow, Misslyn

Summary: a working version for those who too feel in the face of professional tools who find it difficult to cope with them in applying or just feel sorry for money on expensive palettes. Well, a handy little package – and in the feast (clutch) and the world (selling makeup) and good people (Desk).

Palette eyeshadow Magnifeyes Blush Edition, Rimmel

Палетка теней для век Magnif’eyes Blush Edition, Rimmel

Frankly, as soon as I saw this inexpensive palette in pink tones, I could not help curiosity overcame. The shadows from Rimmel rich pigment (especially if applied to the base – about the best we wrote about here) and a nice texture that is well shaded and does not crumble like chalk. Pleased and durability – the shadows lasted for 8 hours and even passed the “stress test” (forgot and rubbed my eyes). Range of shades is amazing, even the most experienced buchalka: I got a few interesting, in the opinion of friends, the options day and evening makeup. I particularly liked the first three universal shades that can be applied in the corner of the eye, under the brow and to blend boundaries.

Palette The Rock Nudes, Maybelline New York

Палетка теней The Rock Nudes, Maybelline New York 

With this palette of twelve shades was a love at first sight. I conquered color scheme: calm nuda to the glittering shimmer and a classic matte finish. The palette contains all the shades for any makeup – I can safely call it a universal.

During the day you can contact fresh flowers, and evening to change the image with a daring smoky smoky. Apply a matte black shade shade all over the moving eyelid and add to the external area black color with a slight shimmer.

Shadows, saturated colors and good pigmentation, they will handle even a beginner.

The second option make-up: dark plum color (my favorite) and a bit of gold edging.

Palette Mark Epic Intense Mini Transformer Palette, Avon

Палетка теней Mark Epic Intense Transformer Mini Palette, Avon

An updated version of the palettes, the brand released in the summer – means repeated the success of its predecessor.

Will appeal to those who like practical quality cosmetics and uses her “holes” in Tefillah (and in the case of a dry texture is not often seen). A good palette for every day. The good combination of shades – from light to Nude graphite allows you to do daytime makeup and transform it into smoky eyes for an evening out. Bright colors on ordinary days and use as a base for darker colors.

The good thing about the palette? All colors are well pigmented and do not lose saturation when shading. To metallic and graphite hue look brighter, apply a base under makeup –no one distinguish the shadows from the means of luxury.

Cream eyeshadow Color Tattoo 24 hours, Maybelline New York
Кремовые тени для век Color Tattoo 24 hours, Maybelline New YorkКремовые тени для век Color Tattoo 24 hours, Maybelline New York

The tool spreads easily on the eyelids through plastic and soft textures. In the range of 13 shades in a fucking dozen, even the most capricious lady will find your.

I “laid eyes” on pink gold and white with shimmer – a delicate glow for a feminine look fairies.

The shadows created by the technology of tattoo pigments – the color is pure and intense. Creamy texture gives smooth coverage and leaves a slightly wet finish: apply with fingertips directly from the package and lightly blend toward the outer corner makeup ready! Resistance will appeal to all – especially if you are going to have fun till the morning!

Palette Plume, Vivienne Sabo

Палетка теней Plume, Vivienne Sabo

Natural eye makeup in nadovich tones, not losing ground for several seasons. Matt and timername shades will turn any image (easy day and bright evening). The bottom row of shades are perfect for smoky eyes.

Shadows have a silky texture, easily applied and distributed easily, even with fingertips. If you use a brush, the shadows will not be “dusting” and crumble. Tool, by the way, very persistent – after eight hours, the shadow did not roll.

Melting mineral shadows Mineral Melting Ice, Skinfood

Минеральные тающие тени Mineral Melting Ice, Skinfood

I love Korean skincare brands but makeup was not familiar. These shadows are in stick became for me a real lifesaver.

They rjvgfrnyfz packaging and soft texture to make the eye makeup is obtained in two movements. The tool is convenient to take with you on trips and keep in my daily makeup is to apply the eye shadow on the entire mobile eyelid right stick, blend with fingertips, add a little more pigment in the inner corner of the eye – a beautiful shimmering makeup ready!

A shade of dusty rose was the perfect addition to my daily makeup – in an easy and understated way to every day its own “flavor”.

Monotone 57 Clamshell, Kiss Professional

Монотени 57 Clamshell, Kiss Professional

Shade reminiscent of the color of the sand in the Dominican Republic – immediately revive memories of summer vacation!

The facility has a silky texture – the shade fit perfectly and easily shade. I apply them with fingertips on the eyelid without a base – the rest of the day and do not roll up crumbled.

Give a very neutral shade with a slight shimmer that will accentuate any color eyes and make them brighter.

Palette Smoky Stories, Brilliant Prunette, Bourjois

Палетка теней Smoky Stories, Brilliant Prunette, Bourjois

Plum cake – that’s the first Association when looking at the palette Smoky Stories. Shades created for a festive make – up to suit him and nodoby lip gloss, and a matte wine lipstick.

I guess I now know what makeup will do for the New year, plum smoky eyes is something new! In a palette of three rich shade and clear topcoat with glitter. Shade shadows like themselves – a couple of strokes of a fluffy brush for the crease, and perfect makeup ready. Thanks to this light texture suggest them to beginners – not too pigmented, and therefore, even if tampering go flawlessly. Pleased and durability even without pre-applied base shadow lasted all day and not showered on the cheekbones, and this, incidentally, is the sin of many tools with shimmer.

Makeup palette Temptation Total, Maybelline New York

Палетка для макияжа Total Temptation, Maybelline New York

Day or evening makeup with this palette can do anything. From off-pink matte shade to the graphite shimmer for smoky eyes for every mood and event you can easily create the desired image. I have relied on makeup in terracotta tones, is my favorite shade in the palette located to the left, it will be the second from the bottom. The color reminded about the holiday in Portugal and on the roofs of Lisbon. The outer corner of the eye, said rich brown tint, and in the center of the century added a bit of highlighter Golden – eyes shone! Suggest lighter shades to use as a base to navigate easily, because for beginners on the back of the packaging there are instructions.

Shadow “ultrametric” Dark Treasure Metal Foil Eyeshadow, the shade of Rosy Champagne Air, KIKO Milano

Тени «ультраметаллик» Dark Treasure Metal Foil Eyeshadow, оттенок Rosy Champagne Air, KIKO Milano

Sparkling wine. The brightness of the space. Gold placer. And all this beauty for centuries. Shade dry and creamy at the same time – a real luxury. They can be applied on the eyelid even without a primer, as they are not “going to” lumps, not showered and dries instantly. To use the shade even with your finger – they will perfectly fall on the skin and, importantly, very persistent. Just in the line of the Dark Treasure has 6 shades, I tried the champagne color, which refreshes the look. It can be smudged across the eyelid and add a little in the inner corner, to open the eyes and make them shiny. I also tried this creamy champagne as illuminizer: take a bit of shadows and diamond distribute pollen over the cheekbone. For evening makeup is more than perfect!

Eyeshadow Psychotropical, L’etoile

Тени для век Psychotropical, Л’Этуаль

Bright shade unusual consistency – on the one hand, they are crisp, they can be applied with a brush, and on the other, seem to be slightly creamy. Noted and good durability for a whole day of running around, the shade of rich cranberry shade does not roll and remains as vivid as in the beginning of the day. I used them without the base, and the strength of its presence does not affect. And the shade just fell in love in the shadows present small shimmer which is very beautiful shimmers in the light.

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