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Withup the serum, which will moisturize the skin and give the face a healthy color, a means for smooth tone (the result is visible after 5 minutes!), cream is the Savior of fatigue and dullness – BeautyHack editors have compiled the best resources that will help the skin to Wake up from hibernation.

Night serum Perfect C Treatment Serum, 3LAB

To try means American brand 3LAB at least once in their life dreams of almost every girl (and even to know whether the high price of quality!). During the long working days and cold weather one lack of sleep makes my face is tired and worn out that all I ask, “do you ever sleep?”.

Radiance and healthy color, of course, running “the ship” at first. One cream is not enough. Decided to give a chance to transform me serum (spoiler alert: she nailed it!).

The tools are the gel texture and light yellow color. If you look closely, you can see small shining particles. Separately want to note a pleasant flavor of sour. Consumed sparingly: 1-2 drops is enough for entire face. Serum night, but sometimes apply it in the morning. In the composition of the two active forms of vitamin C (to prevent first wrinkles and anti-aging effect), peptides (to stimulate the production of collagen) and acai (as an antioxidant).

Ночная сыворотка Perfect C Treatment Serum, 3LAB

A couple of days of use, which was not the most sturdy and long lasting sleep, the serum still managed to help the person and “hid” the sleepless nights and fatigue. Moisturizing, antiage effect and glowing skin – what more need for happiness?

Eye cream A. G. E Eye Complex, SkinCeuticals

Крем для глаз A.G.E Eye Complex, SkinCeuticals

I have often complained that the dark circles under my eyes – my eternal problem, regardless of the degree of fatigue. Creams for eye patches, a concealer is a trio working together and not once rescued me before important events. Creams for eyes tried and finally it came to SkinCeuticals.Brand, by the way. It was invented by American scientist Dr. Sheldon Pinnell in 1994. He also owns the patent of Duke University for an antioxidant. In 1999, SkinCeuticals launches Serum 10 and Serum 15 is the first stable funds with the local antioxidant on the basis of L-ascorbic acid. The motto of the brand – “to prevent, protect, correct”, so your tool can find every.

Eye cream with antiglycation action was tested during the week every day: distributed in the area around the eyes mornings and evenings. Yes, anti-ageing in my 22 trying a bit early, but with my active facial expressions and dark circles under the eyes need to fight. Cream SkinCeuticals worked perfectly: after a week of using hand stopped nervously reach for the patches and concealer. Puffiness sleep dark circles disappeared. How did he do it?

In a cream – a complex of active ingredients (procsilas – 5%, bilberry extract mortality 4% vitamin C): it restores the collagen fibers and elastin and is able to reduce the content of the final products of glycation (aging process). It occurs when sugar molecules join with fibers of collagen and elastin and “candied” them, do hard. As a result, formed the “A. G. E.” – the end products of glycation. In this regard, the fibers lose the ability to regenerate, and the skin ages. Will continue to use this cream to the eye area remained moisturized, fresh and without dark circles.

Antioxidant gel to the skin around the eye Eye Gel Aox, SkinCeuticals

Антиоксидантный гель для кожи вокруг глаз Aox Eye Gel, SkinCeuticals

Main acting component of the gel – ascorbic acid. She has good antioxidant properties: protects the skin from free radicals that lead to wrinkles. Important! Vitamin C is easily destroyed by the action of oxygen and direct sunlight, so funds with ascorbic acid can be realized only in a dark, airtight bottles.

Aox Eye Gel I put on in the morning. The tools are typical pharmacy smell, which disappears after 2-3 minutes.

The effect is noticeable after a week of use dark circles are less noticeable, puffiness is completely lost (even if the evening had “sinned” cheesecake).

Oil complex for face Biovisol Huiluex Complexe, Methode Cholley

Комплекс масел для лица Biovisol Complexe Huiluex, Methode Cholley

Oil for the face we have long been “you” for fear of that oily skin they will not be happy. Happy, and how! Oil Biovisol from Methode Cholley is quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy, no unpleasant stickiness. Pleasure for me is SOS-tool, if the nose and cheeks burned a bit. It relieves irritation, good heals small cracks, accelerates the regeneration of tissues is not worse than everyone’s favorite “Panthenol”. Have Biovisol shock “command structure”: almond oil, Arnica, peanut, lavender, horsetail and yarrow, vitamins C and E. Apply with massage movements on the night and in the morning Wake up light chocolate, not reddish.

Cream Moisture Surge, Clinique

Крем Moisture Surge, Clinique

The tool is a great choice for moisturizing the skin. The ingredients water aloe Vera, which restores skin’s moisture barrier while vitamins C, E and green tea provide a powerful antioxidant effect. Absorbed in the first two minutes – after 15-20 can apply liquid Foundation. To see if your face cream, here.

Moisturizing day cream “Yuzu Sorbet”, Erborian

Увлажняющий дневной крем «Юзу Сорбет», Erborian 

My absolute favorite this fall with the magic texture. Imagine a soft white sorbet with citrus aroma with a little yellow granules, which dissolve on the skin when applied, looks like someone decided to extend the summer!

The main ingredient is a Japanese lemon Yuzu, it is rich in vitamin C in the cosmetic composition combats skin fatigue. Moisturising sorbet is ideal for daily use even on my oily skin: does not clog pores, moisturizes and gives Shine!

Cream Energy “With” Energy multi-vitamin “C” Multivitamin Cream, Egia

Крем Энергия «С» с мультивитаминами Energy «C» Multivitamin Cream, Egia

In the summer my skin still lacks of vitamins, and the suppression of peeling increases front anti-pigmentation (I have very fair skin, prone to this problem, and in summer I don’t leave home without funds from the SPF). So was in desperate search of products that can moisturize the skin and protect it from sunlight, freeing me from the gray color face. Not an easy task, right?

The hero of my summer was found almost immediately. The means of professional Italian brand I love, which began with serum with vitamin C Energising Essence it has brought my skin to life in the spring (more about it you can read here). So I gladly tried the cream the same line – and not lose.

The tools are quite lightweight, but very nourishing texture. Applied it in the morning and while drinking his coffee, he’s already completely absorbed, leaving no oily film and does not pinch the skin. Worked great as a base under makeup – Foundation went smoothly and lasted until the end of the day.

But the most valuable tool – its composition. It contains pure vitamin C (in a stable form, of course). So, the cream does not just Wake up tired skin, making it moisturized (is responsible for this extract almond oil) and shining, but prostimulirujte the synthesis of collagen and elastin, forcing the cells to work. As a result, your face will look rested and the skin will become more elastic (tested on me).

A separate bonus for the summer – SPF 50. Why this is important, you can read here.

Serum vitamin C Energising Essence, Egia

Сыворотка с витамином C Energising Essence, Egia

In the offseason, my face looks dull and tired, so I “bring it” with vitamin C which is needed not only to body as a whole and the skin in particular. I have tried many different creams and serums with this active component, but the immediate result was seen for serum Egia.

In the vehicle of the Italian brand everything perfectly – from delicate textures, thanks to which it is gently spread over the skin, before the effect: the skin becomes silk. Apply the serum at night after the tonic, and in the morning the skin looks rested and fresh.

Noticed a cumulative effect – I use the serum for about a month and already forgot about the dryness and flaking. The composition helps to maintain the natural water balance of the skin. A unique complex of E. S. A.-3 has an antioxidant effect, which prevents ageing of the skin: the cells themselves aktiviziruyutsya and improve immunity of skin (as vitamin C increases the immunity of our body).

A mild cleansing scrub Biorinova Face Delicate Refiner, EGIA

Мягкий очищающий скраб Biorinova Face Delicate Refiner, EGIA 

“No hard scrubs, baking tools tightly with clay and masks-films!” – this “sentence” handed me a cosmetologist years ago, knowing that I had the first signs of rosacea. And so the innocent children rotovisco turned into redness, inflammation and burning in the sun or after a long autumn walk.

Therefore, exfoliating means include a fear and for polishing I use time-tested balancing mask with fruit extracts EGIA – I wrote about it here. But a newly emboldened and decided that scrubs can use, the main thing is to choose the suitable – not too rough, but not useless. Tool from the Biorinova just suitable for sensitive and dehydrated skin – polishes and exfoliates without disturbing the lipid balance. In the composition is a cell extract of mallow, which further softens the skin and nourishes it with vitamins A, B, C, and B5.

When wash off scrub, just think face have a cream for that, thank you bisabolol panthenol. Thus the abrasive particles is well felt on the face, so the cheeks still but not as active. After the scrub the skin becomes smooth and matte-velvety – it will be hard to resist and not to use it more than once a week.

Moisturizing cream-gel for the face C-Vit Revitalizing Gel Cream, Sesderma
Увлажняющий крем-гель для лица C-Vit Revitalizing Gel Cream, Sesderma

Spanish brand in the field of dermatology every medium that encourages us to listen to your skin – consider her needs in the situation “here and now”. Brand develops a wide range of assets – every girl can find exactly what will help to solve individual problems of the skin (dermatological and aesthetic). But among the “army” is a universal tool.

If you are the owner of dull skin and are in need of vitamin power, this gel is for you. It is lightweight, comfortable for summer texture and interesting ingredients – oils of orange and grapefruit and vitamin C improves the complexion, giving the skin a healthy glow. The effect is noticeable after the first use, the skin regains tone and looks hydrated.

Active ingredients that stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid that helps restore the lipid barrier, improves microcirculation and stimulates cell renewal.

The tool works perfectly as a base under makeup – is composed of vitamin A and reflective particles.

Apply the product on cleansed face and massage gently every morning (the brand recommends you apply the product and evening). After a few weeks of use I noticed that the skin became smoother, and the complexion is even.

Whitening ampoule serum water-based “Yuzu”, Skinfood

Осветляющая ампульная сыворотка на водной основе «Юдзу», Skinfood  

Cosmetic brand Skinfood, we love the unusual approach to the creation of funds: the basis of compositions useful foods that provide skin beneficial effects.

After trying the serum with the extract of Yuzu, I realized that citrus is not only useful on the plate. This tool perfectly moisturizes the skin, creating the effect of a natural glow (as if you have a good sleep and live in nature).

The secret funds is that a large amount of vitamin C, which is in the heart of Yuzu (well, more than lemon!).

Besides, Yuzu is a powerful natural antioxidant, and thus can align the tone and calm redness. Vitamins fall needs not only the body, but the skin – do not deny her the pleasure.

The serum looks like lemon water and it smells the same. Cleanse the skin, going through with toner and apply a few drops of serum of the signs of fatigue and sorrow on the skin like they never existed.

Skin toning serum Power 10 Formula VC Effector It’s skin

Тонизирующая сыворотка Power 10 Formula VC Effector, It’s skin  

It’s skin is another brand from Korea. Company 12 years, and its main achievement of these years: the use of snail slime in cosmetics. After It’s skin initiative taken up by hundreds of brands, and now this moisturizer is one of the most popular masks and creams.

Power 10 – a series of 13 sera, each of which solves a specific problem: nourishes, rejuvenates, soothes. My copy gets rid of age spots and post-acne. In vitamin C and green tea extract, improves the complexion, increases skin protective properties and resistance to UV-irradiation. And vitamin C regulates and stimulates the synthesis of collagen.

The tools are sweet lemon fragrance. A couple of drops is enough for one application (that is, 30 ml you will spend for at least six months). Apply the serum morning and evening. The actual result saw after a month of use the skin became lighter and softer!

Intensely moisturizing serum, Lundenilona

Интенсивно увлажняющая крем-сыворотка, Lundenilona 

This way the manufacturer advises to use owners of different skin types in different ways. If you have normal or oily skin, then apply it as a cream, but for girls with dry or dehydrated skin it is better to use it instead of a serum (under another cream).

The composition of the cream-serum from Lundenilona very promising: wheat protein, aloe and vitamins a, C, E, B3, B5 and B6.
I was with my bold, but sometimes dehydrated skin, apply a few drops (it drops means liquid and has a dispenser-dropper) in the morning and evening added to the care nourishing night cream.

The Regen Ceutic cream restorative, Dermaceutic

Крем восстанавливающий Regen Ceutic, Dermaceutic  

Brand Dermaceutic Laboratoire is originally from France. The company started with chemical peels, and now produces a line of professional and home care. All products are approved by thousands of dermatologists around the world!

In a cream Regen Ceutic two types of hyaluronic acid molecules of low molecular weight penetrate into the skin and provide hydration to the skin’s surface. Also among the components have stabilized vitamins C and E, struggling with the first signs of aging and inflammation, and Shea butter to moisturize the skin. Use the tool to calm the skin and moisturize while you sleep. Absorbs quickly, leaves no greasy and sticky film in the morning.

Special thanks to the team for Dermaceutic dispenser!

Serum for lifting the skin around the eyes Derma Lift 5.0, Dermaceutic
Cыворотка для лифтинга кожи вокруг глаз Derma Lift 5.0, Dermaceutic

French brand Dermaceutic Laboratoire is originally from the 90’s. Initially, the company engaged in the development of chemical peels, so it professionals know all about acids and vitamin C on the skin. Now the brand has several lines: for professional and home care. All the products are created in a lab and, according to the official website, has already received approval 30 000 dermatologists worldwide!

Serum Derma Lift 5.0 is recommended to use after 30 years, but the composition is quite delicate – the girls are a little over 25 won’t hurt you!
Among the components are complex peptides, which is responsible for antiage effect, and Ayurvedic oil bakuchi: nourishes dry sensitive skin around the eyes. The facility has an impressive volume of 30 ml. All because designed for the face and neck as a whole. But if you use it only to solve the problem of wrinkles, puffiness or even age bags under the eyes will last a long time! I am 29 and my face serum “earned” after three application morning and evening – the skin under the eyes was lighter, so much so that concealer can be confidently put aside! The facility is also almost no aroma, but has a great cooling effect, which soothes not only the skin but also the nerves in the evenings.

Serum Skin Brightener, Retinol

Сыворотка Skin Brightener, Retinol

Before I tell you about the effectiveness of the serum from America’s leading beauty brand, an important digression: a few months before and during pregnancy and lactation do not use tools with retinol. There are numerous studies that link vitamin a with the development of pathologies in the foetus, – this will tell you any competent cosmetologist. Plus, manufacturers always warn about it in the instructions to the funds with retinol. The same list of contraindications on the packaging of the serum Skin Brightener.

But those who are now not concerned, I still recommend this remedy Retinol. After trying the serum for the first time, I’m not particularly impressed by: the flavor seems too intense, the texture (don’t forget to shake before using) is very fluid and buttery. Apply inconvenient, but I painstakingly used the product morning and evening and, bingo, I saw the result! The tone became smoother, emulsion really lighten the skin, and, in General, she was grateful to accept portions of the beauty elixir for every day. Retinol in the composition support the vitamins E and C, glycerin and green tea extract – it turns out the shock portion of hydration and nutrition with a lightening finish!

Tool enriched with Advanced Vitamin C+HA Treatment Intensive Skincare, Artistry

Средство с витамином С Advanced Vitamin C+HA Treatment Intensive Skincare, Artistry

This season I have two favorite tools for keeping skin toned – one of them, we are told here, and the second is new product from Artistry. The most important thing in this serum – its composition. Vitamin C combined with hyaluronic acid do to skin miracles: it is fresh, hydrated and radiant. Leather is like waking up after winter sleep and comes in tone just after a week of use the product.

Bonus – hyaluronic acid helps to fight the first mimic wrinkles and prevent their appearance. Interesting and packaging facilities – innovative cap allows you to mix the vitamin C with hyaluronic acid immediately before use – so the beneficial properties of vitamin persist longer. The result after applying the serum very similar to the professional care that you make in the cabin – a valuable tool for those who have no time for regular salon care.

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