Best creams with a lifting effect

Withrodstva with biointegral cells, peptides, and retinol are the most effective botanicals!

Concentrated cellular day cream Concentrated Day, Сellcosmet

The Swiss brand Сellcosmet I like thoughtful and thorough approach to the development of cosmeceuticals, which is unique in the world. The basis of this cream – biointegral cells, which are responsible for the rejuvenating effect, serve as a source of biologically active molecules, enzymes and growth factors that stimulate the skin to the “active life”.

This is one of the main developments of the Cellap laboratory: such perfect cells get with the help of biotechnology.

I recommend to use the cream after 35 years: as a preventive measure and in order to remove the noticeable signs of aging. Many of the tools labeled anti-age sin the dense texture that caresses the skin film. This cream is very lightweight, so it can be used as a base under makeup.

Концентрированный дневной клеточный крем Concentrated Day, Сellcosmet

Suitable for all skin types. Not cheap, but its price is absolutely justified.

Antiglycation cream for Mature skin A. G. E. Interrupter, SkinCeuticals

Антигликационный крем для зрелой кожи A.G.E. Interrupter, SkinCeuticals

The objective of cream is to stop the glycation of collagen. This is the internal aging process, which inevitably happens to our bodies under the influence of carbohydrates. Perfectly smoothes the skin, but I advise you to start using the tool is not before 45 years of age.

Renewing night cream Ossential Advanced Radical Night Repair ZO Skin Health

Обновляющий ночной крем Ossential Advanced Radical Night Repair, ZO Skin Health

Very active cream with retinol in the composition (more on the component here). Use it only in conjunction with the means (preferably the same brand) which will soften the skin and relieve irritation – after application easy retinoidy dermatitis. It is important and high quality washing, and proper toning (which will maintain acidic pH of skin).

At the correct approach the skin after the cream updated magically, the wrinkles are smoothed out effect as retinoeva after peeling. In the water: only plant extracts, retinol, vitamins and glycerin.

In matters of anti-age tools, it’s important to consider one thing: without a comprehensive approach, the cream may not give the desired effect. Use it with the tools of the same brand (most often the components are balanced correctly) or select treatments from other brands, necessarily based on their compositions.

Cream Nimni Cream, HydroPeptide

Крем Nimni Cream, HydroPeptide

Very active stimulates the synthesis of collagen. Composed of an innovative peptide formula which works and the cream. As a result, the wrinkles and the lifting effect so far as it is possible with the use of cosmeceuticals (you need to understand that the cream does not work miracles). Start to use the cream gradually: two times a week. Includes retinol, therefore in pregnancy and feeding tools should be abandoned.

Premium anti-aging cream Extract Cream, Hitoyurai

Антивозрастной крем Premium Extract Cream, Hitoyurai

The legendary Japanese brand in 2017 appeared in Russia. In the composition of this cream stem cells of animal origin, which immediately makes it stand out among all anti-age treatments. Other components: growth factors, squalane, amino acids.

Repairs skin at a deep level, improves skin elasticity, reduces pigmentation – visually, this translates into a natural, healthy glow.

Lifting creams Emansi

Лифтинг-кремы Emansi

Any cream works only with the quality of the skin, but does not affect the condition of the ligaments and muscles, so I recommend to combine the lifting means with hardware techniques. For example, massage LPG Lift 6. Way to achieve really tangible effect.

Cosmeceuticals I picked individually for each patient. Recommend creams Emansi system of autophagy: an old collagen “understands” in the lysosomes on parts (amino acids), which are then re-participate in building new cells and maybe new collagen. Autophagy is not only the old collagen, but also hyaluronic acid, lipids, elastin any of the components of cells.

Phytoestrogens also increase the effectiveness of the cream.

It is available in two versions: for dry, normal skin and oily, combination. The first also contains moisturizing ingredients, second – subregulatory.

Choosing a product, read the instructions and see what age it is intended. I recommend the use of facial creams in their 30s. But here everything is very individual. At once I will tell: do not expect miracles of the cream, results can be achieved by combining the body and hardware-injection procedure. Lifting creams are suitable for people who are not ready for the Botox injections. Some of the tools work as botulinum toxins at the expense of neuropeptides in the composition (which affects the neuro-muscular endings). It smoothes wrinkles on the forehead, but of course not as effective as injection.

Face cream, La Crème des Crèmes, Joëlle Ciocco

Крем для лица La Crème des Crèmes, Joëlle Ciocco

Cream removes traces of stress and fatigue and works as an anti-age care. In the composition of saffron (antioxidant), black seed oil (enhances the skin’s natural barrier) and rose water (lifting effect).

Apply the cream and massage gently morning and evening on cleansed skin. Do not forget your neck and chest area.

Anti-aging face cream Dheanne, Anne Semonin

Антивозрастной крем для лица Dheanne, Anne Semonin

Suggest to apply this cream every morning on cleansed skin. There are a lot of natural ingredients: for example, wild Yam extract contains diosgenin, which is responsible for cell regeneration and the production of estrogen. Critical – product of processing wheat germ – works as an antioxidant and protects the skin from UV rays. Also the cream contains moisturizing extracts of aloe and centifolia (cabbage rose), vitamins A and E, it improves collagen production.

Cream for face and neck Mat Reverser, Joëlle Ciocco

Крем для лица и шеи Mat Reverser, Joëlle Ciocco

Suitable for girls with dull complexion and enlarged pores. I do not advise to use if you have sensitive skin. Cream copes with pigment spots, brightens the face, increasing cellular activity.

In the composition the extract of the fruit of tomato seed oil, Passiflora, stimulating cell renewal. The amino acid carnitine strengthens the skin, while peptide matrikin repairs the dermis and stimulates collagen neosintez.

Intensive anti-aging cream Intensive Youth Creme, iS Clinical

Интенсивный омолаживающий крем Youth Intensive Crème, iS Clinical

Rather dense cream with the age limit of 40+. Recommend for women with dry, dehydrated skin. Main ingredients: sodium hyaluronate (retains moisture in the dermis), microspheres of hyaluronic acid, antioxidant vitamin C and Tripeptide-1 copper, which stimulates the synthesis of collagen. Yet the composition has a superoxide dismutase – natural enzyme that fights the signs of aging by absorbing free radicals.

Energizing nourishing cream, Prime Regenera I, Valmont

Питательный энергезирующий крем Prime Regenera I, Valmont

The main ingredient of the cream, which made the brand incredibly popular Valmont, a triple molecule of DNA and RNA. DNA extracted from milk of canadian salmon by extraction. Part of a triple molecule composed of the macronutrients calcium, magnesium and sodium. DNA and RNA control protein synthesis, increase biological activity of the cells.

Tool moisturizes the skin, improves color of the skin, protects in the cold. Apply it in the evening on cleansed skin. The cream is good for its versatility: you can use well into adulthood and the appearance of the first signs of aging (the optimum age is 30+).

Anti-aging cream Pure Snail Wrinkle Care Cream, Bergamo
Омолаживающий крем Pure Snail Wrinkle Care Cream, Bergamo

“Make friends” with the snail, if you worried that your skin to lose tone. This component plays a major role in the cream from the Korean brand Bergamo. It tightens and rejuvenates the skin, smoothes fine wrinkles and gives the face softness and smoothness. The cream is quite thick and nourishing – apply during the day if skin is very dry and sensitive, and if you are the owner of normal type, use as evening care.

In addition to mucin in composition have included aloe, which additionally moisturizes and softens the skin, activating regeneration processes, and allantoin, which have anti-inflammatory properties.

Cream serum Face Serum Biopeptides, EGIA

Крем и сыворотка Biopeptides Face Serum, EGIA

The serum biopeptide suggest to combine with the cream from the same collection (more about it you can read here). Very delicate and pleasant texture, the tool is instantly absorbed and leaves no sticky layer on the skin. For anti-age in this answer, the peptides: regulate all physiological processes and is able to quickly correct the emerging imbalance. Stimulating the production of natural growth factors, peptides stimulate fibroblasts and accelerate the synthesis of elements of the extracellular matrix of collagen. Simply put, these important components regulate metabolic processes and thereby restore the structure of skin.

Care 3-in-1 with antioxidants Idéal Soleil SPF 50, Vichy

Уход 3-в-1 с антиоксидантами Idéal Soleil SPF 50, Vichy

Recently, Vichy pleased with the new anti-aging care, which in addition to UVB and UVA filters in its composition contains antioxidants (black tea extract and vitamin C from the extract of camu-camu). The cream almost smells very nice and delicate in texture, the feeling that on the face of the stuffy film, not exactly there.

It is very important and that are non-comedogenic! I recommend to apply a thin layer to face, neck and décolleté, but still direct sunlight on the skin should be avoided. And how correctly to sunbathe without harm to health, I was told here (photos that illustrate how to sunbathe in any case can not be attached).

CC cream SS Cream Natural Beige SPF 30, Dermaheal

СС крем СС Natural Beige Cream SPF 30, Dermaheal

I use this Korean cream itself. Suitable for any skin type and time of year. Available in two shades – dark and natural beige.

Cream evens skin tone, moisturizes the skin and protects from UV rays. Among the components – oligopeptides. They prevent the appearance of age spots, anti-inflammatory effect, stimulate the production of collagen, smooth terrain. By the way, the Caregen company, produces tools Dermaheal, developed and patented 72 of the peptide. In the heat of the cream can give Shine, so apply on top of powder.

Night cream-Age Protect exfoliating Multi-action Peeling Night Cream, Uriage

Ночной крем-пилинг Age Protect Multi-action Peeling Night Cream, Uriage 

Range Age Protect French brand Uriage dermatological introduced in the autumn. It includes 7 new products: five tools for day and night care serum and cream for the skin around the eyes. The main feature of Age Protect – not stamp hang tags in the form of age restrictions: all funds were directed for work as the signs of aging and eliminate dull color and loss of elasticity. In this case, the manufacturer is not trying to amaze us the super-complex composition – I found the only reliable, proven components. For example, in a night cream peel is lactic acid, which very gently exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities and moisturizes the skin. And squalene as an antioxidant regenerates cells. Additional ingredients: thermal spring water and hyaluronic acid.

The cream is comfortable to use, I have sensitive skin, but no burning, and other discomfort I felt struck on the night (the consistency of the tool resembles a low-fat cream), and in the morning washed away the cleanser. Suitable for problem skin.

Regenerating night cream Reticap-EL-Night, Tebiskin

Восстанавливающий ночной крем Reticap-EL-Night, Tebiskin

Tebiskin known brand of cosmetics for peeling and post-peeling care. It is a remedy for the eye area and lips. But apply it only at night – in the composition is encapsulated retinol. I can confidently say that after two weeks of use dark circles under the eyes are reduced. Here, the retinol – whiten the pigmentation and dark circles. Bonus: a fresh look and smooth skin.

Cream Arganight Phytocell Cream Cholley

Крем Phytocell Arganight Cream, Cholley

The cream is good for dry and very dry skin, but perfect if you need extra hydration (after a day at sea, for example). Apply it on the face massage movements and “driving” with your fingers in the neck and décolleté. The patented Swiss brand of IC technology-RAMP based on the ability of skin to regenerate at cellular level (this is the skin healing after a cut, for example).

Means Cholley stimulate the production of fibroblasts, which produce the intercellular matrix: collagen and elastane. The main component of the cream – an extract of stem cells of the argan tree. As this plant is endangered and is under protection of UNESCO, uses the patented technology of extracting stem cells from small parts.. Other active ingredients that stimulate renewal of the skin – extracts of the bulbs of Crocus and wormwood.

Stimulating night cream Turn Over, Dermaceutic

Стимулирующий ночной крем Turn Over, Dermaceutic

This anti-aging cream that can be used with 30-years of age – he combats the first signs of aging and stimulates cell renewal. After regular use the skin becomes soft and fresh.

Consisting of glycolic acid, which works as a light exfoliation, reduces the force of adhesion of keratin cells in the cornified layer of the epidermis and exfoliates dead skin particles. When applying avoid the eye area.

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