Confetti nails are all over Instagram right now and you’re going to *need* them too

Confetti nails are a little different to glitter nails. They’re not just nails with a full swipe of sequin-effect colour on the nail. Usually, it’s all about the careful placement of tiny, perfect little shapes all over the nails, often with a background canvas of sparkle.

Maybe you’re going out out and you absolutely need to cover yourself in as many shiny things as possible. Maybe you’ve got something special to celebrate and an outfit alone just isn’t enough to express your joy.

Maybe you purely want to chill at home, knowing you’ve got the season’s hottest manicure trend going on. Whatever your needs, you should probably know about the confetti nail trend. It’s extremely Instagram-friendly and perfect for Summer. It’s basically a party in a manicure.

Have a little look at these for inspiration.

Notice the incredible rainbow ombre effect between nails? Completely iconic.

Or you could go for something like these candy-coloured, bright shapes for a childhood throwback look.

We love these, with a wash of candy floss pink covered in little polka dots. They’re so feminine and sweet.

If you wanted to go for a subtler look, you could try something like this: a light beige base with a scattering of confetti across just a few of your fingernails.

Or you could go for an all-out, hundreds-and-thousands-inspired look like this, with your nails buffed to a point for extra drama.

Or file them into neat oval shapes and strategically place some gorgeous stars, moons, hearts and circles.

These glossy, multi-coloured diamonds are giving us real regal vibes.

And with this manicure, this woman pretty much has an entire disco in the palm of her hands. So extra, so great.

However you choose to play with the confetti nail art trend, have fun with it.

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