April 17, 2024

Love Island’s Lucie’s sister asks viewers to ‘be kind’ after she revealed her feelings for Tommy

Despite previously maintaining they were only good friends, Lucie said the tweet game, which saw the public dub Lucie and Tommy ‘the perfect couple’, made her rethink her relationship with the boxer.

Between Arabella’s shock departure and the Casa Amor arrivals, we can barely keep up with all the drama on Love Island. Oh, and Lucie Donlan threw some extra reality TV gold into the mix when she revealed she has feelings for ‘best friend‘, Tommy Fury, much to the dismay of Molly-Mae.

Lucie boldly shared her true feelings with Tommy behind her pal Molly-Mae’s back which, understandably, lead to a fair bit of backlash against the surfer.

Taking to her defence on Instagram, Lucie’s sister, Emily Airton, shared a powerful post asking the public to be ‘kind’ and ‘compassionate’ towards her sister.

Alongside a photo of the siblings, Emily wrote: “To hate is one of the weakest things you can do. Whether it is to a stranger, friend or yourself, it is disservice to who you are. Learn to let go of your insecurities, judgements and begin to appreciate others for who they are…

“Please be better than this internet culture of hate. Be kind, be compassionate. Be human ❤️ love you ! ”

Emily’s post was met with hundreds of supportive comments from Lucie’s fans who lauded Emily for defending her sister. One Instagram user wrote: “Well said. It shows a persons own insecurities and fear.

I like lucie, she comes across as genuine and a really lovely girl. Good luck to you all x,” whilst another added: “To those who think their opinion matters it doesn’t just like mine doesn’t but I will say this. . if you have nothing nice to say please don’t say anything, we’ve already had two deaths on Love Island all this bad talk and nasty comments might seem trivial to you but your words cut like the sword it’s unnecessary and it’s horrible so please be aware of your words! Lucie seems incredibly sensitive but whether someone is sensitive or not no one deserves a load of negative energy and abuse coming their way, the whole idea of Love Island is to find love if things are meant to be it will be just let her enjoy her time and stop with the bitchiness, the world needs love not hate. ”

We couldn’t agree more.

It comes after Amy Hart’s family took to social media to share a similar post asking the public to think about the implications of their words after the star began receiving death threats.

Give them a break, people.

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