Love Island’s Laura Anderson went to some SERIOUS lengths to get on the show

With the lure of a long hot summer and a lucrative career waiting at the end, it’s hardly surprising that over 100,000 men and women from around the world applied for Love Island this year.

One contestant who really pulled out at the stops to land a coveted place on the show was Laura Anderson, and 2019 hopefuls may want to pay close attention – because producers told her that her entry was the best of the year.

Laura went to great lengths to make a mini-documentary about her life – and managed to cram it all into one minute.

Speaking to GLAMOUR UK at the Love Island villa in Mallorca, Laura said: “Anyone talking to the camera is a bit strange and anyone can be good at the old chat so I wanted to make it as real as possible so I did a day in the life.”

Laura filmed little clips of everything she got up to in an average day in Dubai – including filming herself on a plane in her role as an air hostess, some footage on the beach, doing a workout session in an outdoor gym and even riding on a camel in the desert!

“You’re only allowed one minute so it’s difficult but focus on your video because it really helps you stand out.” Clearly!

Laura was so keen to get on the show that she even slid into a former contestants DMs, revealing: “I actually applied for the show last year but my video was so rubbish so I messaged Max Morley on Instagram and said: “Hi, I was just wondering whether you’d recommend going on Love Island?” and bless him, he replied and said “100% go for it.”
That was it though and I was like “thaaaanks, call me?” He probably had a girlfriend but he actually did reply and that was nice because you trust someone who has been on the show.

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In terms of which previous contestants she’s most similar to, Laura describes herself as ‘Olivia and maybe a hint of Camilla’. “I think Olivia is hilarious but I have a softer side like Camilla. People also think I look like Olivia.”

Chris and Kem forged a famous bromance last year, which is something Laura is hoping to emulate.

“I’m a girl’s girl and I want to make friends. I want the female version of what Chris and Kem had, so a womance? I want that!”

Womances aside, Laura is really keen to find love, telling us: “I really want to win it, but to win it you have fallen in love and I want that” and citing her ideal man as ‘someone down-to-earth, passionate and career-driven’.

Discussing her fears about people developing a negative perception of her or selling stories, Laura cites her maturity as her secret weapon, explaining: “Definitely being older, you know yourself better and can carry yourself, so I’m quite strong. I’ll laugh off or deal with any stories; even when I read social media or press now, I don’t believe most of it, but I’ll be more worried about my friends and family being affected, not me.

I’d hate for something to upset my dad but you do have to get used to it and I’ll try and behave myself in a way so it is mostly positive. I don’t think there’s much to come out, I don’t think I have any enemies.”

Laura is right; she’s already the bookies favourite to win, which we couldn’t resist telling her. Her response? “That’s amazing but they don’t even know me! She doesn’t even go here! But that’s nice, I’ll have to prove them right.”

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After a first look at the official merchandise and the new love island cast of 2018, the time is FINALLY upon us. That’s right, people, it’s time to wave goodbye to your social life for eight weeks because Love Island 2018 is officially here – but it’s not too late to apply for Love Island 2018 so act fast!

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